Might get crucified for this but...

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    I wanted to draft Nick Fairley or JJ Watt in the 1st round that year, and Mallett in the 2nd. But nobody listens to me (seriously I think some of us on this board could make better picks and make better decisions than who is currently in charge.

    Mallet may have the strongest arm in the NFL. A perfect backup to Brady. The downside is you have to have outstanding protection because he's a statue in the pocket.

    If we aren't going to draft someone this year and just going for someone that's already in the league I'd prefer to go after Cutler or Roethlisberger first.
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    Liked Mallett out of the draft but it's not like we've seen much out of him to really know which way his career is trending. If Munch somehow survives and makes it another year (stop laughing we're dumb enough to do it) then we'll have to bring in more QBs. Could see a Mallett trade over the summer.
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    We're gonna trade for Mallett because of Bryan Hoyer? What?
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    I wanted Robert Quinn. And I am starting to believe he was a better pick than Watt.

    Watt and Cushing are clearly roid butt buddies.

    My top 3 choices in 2011 were Quinn, Fairley, Watt. Wanted Dalton in the 2nd - although he would not have been there when we picked.

    I hated that QB draft class. And it turns out I was right outside of Cam. I'm starting to lose faith in Kaepernick. He's been average at best this season. I didn't like him coming out of college, but last year he made a believer out of me. I hope he gets back on track.
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    I swear this is the same thread but with Kirk Cousins instead.

    Has Mallett even played an NFL snap in the regular season? How is he the best backup in the league?
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    We might as well as blown the bank on Matt Flynn with this logic!

    Of course there's a million players we wish we could have had or "I told everyone the team should have drafted" FYI JJ watt went before us, and we had NO QB.

    Unfortunately that alternate universe where McNair is alive, Vince is a franchise QB, the titans have multiple superbowl rings, the refs threw a Flag on the ravens play clock violation on third and long, didnt hire munchak, and hit it out of the draft...doesn't exist.
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    You can't trade what people don't want.
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    I think the team tried to trade Britt for a rubber mallet and there were no takers...
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    Yes- I think this is the back up that will explode when given a chance.

    Mallette had a 26 on the Wonderlic but comes off dumb as a sack of hammers. Cousins had a 33 and in the couple of starts he had rapidly went through his progressions. And RGIII is in Washington to stay for a while. I'd work the trade toward getting him.
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    I remember. Farley wouldn't have been worth it though IMO.

    I wanted Julio and the Falcons traded up to get him. When he was gone I screaming JJ Watt at the screen on draft day and was so disappointed when we reached for Locker. Then Jags went Gabbert and the Vikings Ponder and I realized why we had to reach. :puke: