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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by titantrusince82, Apr 22, 2012.

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    That's not my point. My point was Brockers isn't a bad pick even if you're going by BPA. Brockers is on a different level than those guys. Brandon Thompson is going to be a very good run blocking DT, Reyes and Worthy have good upside, and Wolfe can be solid. Still has had now two major injuries which is the last thing we need on our DT and he's a tweener of a 1st/2nd so he won't be there in the 2nd round for us. Realistically Reyes and Wolfe will be there in the 2nd. Still and Worthy are borderline 1st round picks and Thompson could fall but I doubt it. So you're looking at either Brockers in the 1st or a solid DT in the 2nd. You can't just group all of them together.
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    I get what you're saying, but I just don't consider Brockers among the BPA in the first...I'd put Kirkpatrick, Mercilus or Perry over him. It's probably just me, but hey! the drafts only 3 days away, so we will all find out soon enough!!
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    He had a pretty nice junior year. His bowl game against Florida might be on of the most dominating DL performances that I watched. He made Pouncey look like a little kid. If he had known how things were going to play out, he would have went pro and probably went 3rd or 4th ---- like Navorrro Bowman, who was always hurt and in trouble at Penn State and still went pro early.
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    Not just his times, look at his strength and explosiveness... only 19 reps? There are defensive backs that could do better. The top DT had 44
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    People getting bent out of shape about the bench press. Strength for a guy his size is the easiest thing to improve on with an NFL lifting program.

    Also, guys with longer arms usually put up smaller numbers. Brockers had the second longest arms(35 inches) out of all of the defensive linemen. Guys with 34+ inch arms that participated put up an average of 21.6 reps(bumped up significantly by Fletcher Cox, who put up 30). So a guy who has been lifting for a shorter period of time is off by two reps.

    And apparently he had shoulder issue at the Combine.
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    I love Cox but can't see how he is the 6th best player in the draft.

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    I knew it! :ha::ha:
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    I was listening to Jon McClain today and he said he doesn't think the Titans will take Brockers because "He's a 2013 player. He looks like Tarzan, hits like Jane. He has to get stronger."

    Doesn't sound good to me...
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    Might wanna stop listening to him then.
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