McNair Uncertain to Play in Season Finale

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. A living legend. Staff

    SUMMARY: QB Steve McNair is a question mark heading into the regular-season finale against the Jaguars on Sunday due to a strained pectoral muscle. McNair left the Dolphins game on Saturday in the second quarter after straining it during warmups. He finished 5 of 13 with two interceptions and a 7.1 passer rating, his lowest ever in a game in which he had a pass attempt. "I communicated with him throughout the game up until the time we took him out," Coach Jeff Fisher said. "He said, 'Let me try one more series,' and he ended up trying two more series before we took him out.' He said, 'I can’t throw accurately right now.' I think that whatever the issue was in pre-game warm-ups, and then when he cut that ball loose deep to Ty [Calico] down the middle of the field. It was a deep throw, and he didn’t have a chance to step up and cut it loose. He had to throw with his upper body, and that for all intents and purposes, finished him off."

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  2. FanSince'87

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    As my screen name suggests I have been a fan of this franchise for a long time. I watched McNair's rise from obscurity and mediocrity to one of the better quarterbacks in the league. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the man and his accomplishments. Unfortunately, it seems that Steve has reached a point where his body can no longer keep pace with his indomitable spirit. He has put it all on the line for many seasons and it may be that he somehow manages to be a great and productive QB for a few more. Judging by the past few years, however, he may owe it to his team and himself to consider retirement very seriously. I really hope he is able to come back and contribute next season. But, I am beginning to doubt it.
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    I think there will be a month or two McNair will use to evaluate his future. Meanwhile, contract negotiations will be going on behind the scenes which will impact that decision.

    Personally, I'd like to see him go another season as the team grooms the future QB if a contract can be worked out.
  4. ilincoln

    ilincoln Camp Fodder

    I hope he goes somewhere else, He has little time left and I would like to see him on a team that is in need of a vet and ready to win... we can lose just as bad with a rookies.
  5. GLinks

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    Staying for grooming seems most plausible. I think it's what most in the organization want to happen, Steve included. I'm pretty sure Steve wants to be one of the dwindling numbers of players that want to retire with the team that drafted them.
  6. ilincoln

    ilincoln Camp Fodder

    I know thats what Steve wants, becuase he is a Titan/Oiler inside...
    I want him to play somewhere he could have another chance at a ring.
    Its a selfish desire to see him succeed even its its another teams jersey, I have always been an oiler fan, but its the players i follow and would rather see good guys like Steve get another chance, his legacy as an oiler is secure. Does anyone care that Joe played for KC? They were glad to have him. And if fans dont support steve here... im sure some other teams would love to have him.
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