McNair Pro Bowl Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Puck, Feb 12, 2006.

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    dropped balls, our season story.
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    OK, that was b-****. Granted McNair fumbled two snaps...was that any worse than Peyton's 3 interceptions? Even Green had a pick that was ran back for a touchdown (almost two interceptions...the previous play was close). It might help if McNair had a little more than 6 minutes to play in the whole d*mn game! What was up with giving Manning the entire first half, then sending Green in to take a knee at the end of the half? Oh is Peyton too good for that? Wouldn't want to hurt his stats in this worthless game! Why is that Vick, the 2nd string QB is in the game before the half is even over? Hell, Delomme had like 14 passes before McNair even got his first attempt. I'm actually GLAD he fumbled it the first time. We have to wait ALL that time for him to finally come in and the first play they are going to give him is the fan-picked one that would have had L.T. throwing the ball! It sounds like the Steeler fans voted that one in! Ugh. I don't mind that McNair wasn't perfect. He had that long one to Smith that would have given them a decent chance. But, I just felt like it was a waste to watch from a Titans fan perspective. At least we had KVB in there doing us some good. Sigh.
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    OK, I guess since Delhomme only had 10 passes total, I may have exaggerated the 14 pass thing...but it was still up there.
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    Damn man, that was painful. I was put through all that Peyton just to watch McNair fumble the ball twice? End it all with a sack to Mac and it really sucked to be the only Titan fan in the room at the time.
    It was cool for a little while though pointing out how often KVB was onscreen. And this dude wasn't even going to be in the Pro Bowl? Pfft...
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    They organized a coup d'etat of some kind and voted me out of their forum for a day because they couldn't handle a non-Peyton sucking opinion. That's because they are a bunch a :banned: meow:banned:'s that can't handle an outside point of view. I shamed them and now my posting rights have been restored.:sad2:
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    suckitude. see pro bowl.
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    great game by McNair, 2 fumbled snaps and poor passing.

    In all fairness none of the AFC QB's looked good.
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