McNair Not Ready to Step Aside

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    Every arguement is relative. If the current mcnair is compared to an elite QB like a brady he won't fare to well. If he is compared to drew bledsoe or aaron brooks he does fare well. Are cowboy fans clamouring to dump bledsoe? No because compared to the crap they have had in recent years bledsoe doesn't seem bad at all.

    Mcnair can't be an elite QB any longer because he doesn't run for 400 yards a season. He can be a good QB though. He can make a run in a key situation to win us a big game(See elway 98 super bowl). He offers us veteran leadership and a strong character.

    Why is it so important now that steve practice every day? Nobody cared about how many practices he missed in 2002 or 2003 but suddenly it matters somehow. Isn't that the whole mcnair legend? He doesn't pick up a football all week, isn't supposed to play and then goes out and plays great? Now suddenly his missed practice time has made him a ....piece of crap....?

    It would be nice if he had a team around him that was worth a damn. You know like blocking and a running game, and WRs?
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    Why is it so important now that steve practice every day?
    We have a young team.

    So we pay him $20 million a year for three years or something then?
    And we just assume that he will be at more practices and participate in some of them... and while we are at it forget about the silly notion of drafting a qb at this point?

    McNair is not a pile of crap.
    McNair is a legend.
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    It was more important for Steve to practice last year because he had mostly a new young receiving corps. Back when he had wycheck and mason to dump it off to, he'd been practicing with those guys for years, it didn't matter if he missed a few practices. Problem was, last year he needed practice to help get used to the new receivers and develop a bit of a repore with them. Didn't happen...
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    So shines the soul of a lonely man.
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    Computide to the rescue..

    I love disproving bogus theories. I should have my own show on cable.

    Theory-Steve couldn't get production out of his rookie WRs because he didn't practice enough. Response, not true.

    Jones-roby-young were all productive for the amount of playing time they had. Combined they caught 65 balls for 877 yards. They accounted for 44% of all WR catches and 47% of WR yardage. When you consider that young and jones each missed 6 games and roby three that's darn good. Combined the three rookies appeared in 33 games which means they each had 2 catches for each game they appeared in. Not bad for three mid rd rooks. And all three blew away the production of the 3rd year vet calico by almost 100 yards each! Where was that great repoire with calico?

    Finally there is the so what factor. Even if the theory was true(It's not) so what? Steve is the same guy it's the other people around him that have changed. Is it steve's faullt that we couldn't afford mason? Is it steve's fault that calico was lame?

    Bottom line is that our young WRs were productive and would have been even more so had young and jones not gone down with injuries from week 10 on. They did fine.
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    His talk show should be called "SpinTide" I think it should air on sunday mornings and broadcast live from DC.
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    They PAID (past tense) him to play football. If they want to pay (present tense) him to play football or mentor then they need to show him the money. What is the big deal, if they don't think he is worth his asking price. RELEASE him so he can play ball, somewhere. He could be a Dolphin, could a been a Raider. He has been very clear and up front. It's not like he is changing the agreement. This is what the Titans agreed too when they signed the contract. They (being the Titans) are beginning to sound like TO to me. You signed the daggone contract so deal with it.
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