McNair calls first Ravens practice 'mind boggling'

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by flamehead2, Jun 14, 2006.

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    @ jaydog

    I think you deserve another:
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    Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But some of these folks have turned into conspiracy theorists. Saying McNair & Bus Cook orchestrated this years ago. How? Did they make the Titans ask him to renogotiate? Both sides knew this day was coming. The Titans made this into a spectacle and thought no one else would want him. Bus Cook did his job and found his client a good opportunity. Once it was clear his old ball club had a take it or leave it attitude.
  3. jaydog

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    First of all go back and slowly reread my post. Never did I say Mcnair deserves to be here until he wants to leave. Never did I say the Titans should not draft a QB of the future. I said the opposite the Titans were right to draft a QB of the future.

    What I did say was that the constant berating of Mcnair for becoming a Raven was assinine. People are doing that to make them feel better about the situation,trying to turn him into a villian. When in essence he would have been a fool to stay here.

    You say no one said he would have to be here for one year only.....bull. How long is his contract for? One more year. Do you really think they were going to resign him next year to be anything more than a backup to V. Young? And they would have demanded to took even less money next year to do that.

    You keep talking about how he struggled the past two years. Does this not coincide with the two years of salary cap hell the Titans have been in? They blew up the team and he played with scraps and underdeveloped rookies trying to get a feel. Still last year he threw 16 TDs and 11 int. Like I mentioned earlier Drew Bennett alone accounted for 4 of the ints by tipping balls that hit him directly in the hands in the air to defenders. He only threw 11 ints to Brett Favre's 29. Brett Favre is in the same situation. Had virtually no one around him in Green Bay and his results were way worse.

    The reason why Baltimore is a better fit right now is because he won't have to win games for Baltimore as he would have had to try to do for the Titans this year. They have a better O-line, better running game, better receivers & a great TE, and a defense that is still pretty good. They are built to win now. The Titans will take a couple of seasons to become serious Super Bowl contenders again.

    Does he have more control in Baltimore? Of course he does silly. They are paying him approximately $15-20M in the first three years of his contract alone. $12M this year. If he stayed here with a one year contract he would have been easy to dismiss after this year. Here V. Young is ready to take the reins in a year or two, not to mention Volek is a capable replacement. Who in Hades are they going to bring in in Baltimore......................K. Boller. Boller has failed miserably and the Ravens are all but admitting it now. He will never start for them again.

    So you tell me, where exactly does he have more control? Baltimore is the only answer. Anything else is Titan's colored sunglasses.

    Point blank, bottom line...He is going to get $15-$20M from the Ravens who virtually got on their knees and begged him to be their starting QB for the next 2-4 years, instead of taking $5.5M for a one year gig followed by uncertainty again next year from a team that is pushing you out the door. In any career you take the surest thing. He now has far more control over the rest of his career.........good for him.

    More bull. Why should he accept a backup role when a team is giving him a starting role. You people on here are full of assumptions and promises. Kyle Boller will never see the field again as the Ravens QB. Everybody just assumes things won't work out with the Ravens. How do we know? Only time will tell. You write him off because it makes you feel better, lol!

    Accepting a backup role is stupid when you don't have to. Why would he remain loyal to a team is no longer showing any loyalty to him? Why should he continue to do what's good for the team when he ceased to be a member of the team the minute the locked him out to force his hand.

    And who gives a hoot about how the people in Nashville will percieve him in two years. He is from Mississippi. He is as untouchable a legend there as Brett Favre is. And will all the charity work he has done I guarantee not everybody is as fickle as some of the fans are.

    No matter how you slice sending a trainer out to do the dirty work was classless. You can say it was a ploy or whatever you want to call it. But there is a reason the arbitrator sided with Mcnair. The premise for the lockout was wrong. The reasons were weak, and the actions were classless.

    Why was Cook able to play the organization so easily? He knew that exposing the classless practice would draw heat on the Titans, which it did. Cook did a damn good job of not letting his client get bullied into excepting a take it or leave it offer. That's what an agent is supposed to do.

    The Titans have dealt with players quite shadily at times through the years......they really got exposed on this one.

    Good job Cook, good luck Mcnair, good luck Volek, and good luck Vince. That's that!
  4. jaydog

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    Like I said earlier, his decline in play coincided with the team blowing it's roster up and basically becoming an expansion team. You can't make sugar from ****. Ask Brett Farve.

    And you say he jumped ship. Well the Titans had a long cattle prod pushing him overboard. You don't give a weak take it or leave it offer and then get mad when the person says, I'll pass. Saying Bus Cook and Mcnair orchestrated this is silly. Both the Titans and Mcnair knew this day was coming. Bus Cook just didn't let the Titans bully his client into accepting a crappy deal with no possible future.

    If you lost love for Mcnair that's on you, your opinion, and you're entitled to it. But for me, I gained more respect for the man. You don't bend over and get molested for nobody, not even the people that call you friend. You stand up like a man and control your own destiny, going out on your own terms, not on the terms of some fans who feel gilted because you did what's best for you in the long run. After putting it on the line for over a decade for the team, he deserves to find someone that will put it on the line for him, in this case the Ravens, when that team decides it's ready to go in another direction.

    Truthfully the Ravens and the Titans are better off right now......So is Mcnair.
  5. jaydog

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    I'll respond all day. You can be hard on Mac all you want. But every NFL player and every fan on this board would do the same thing he did if they were really faced with the situation.

    Not one of you would have turned down $15 million more dollars and a chance to keep playing and a better chance to win and finish your career on a good note. Not one of you. Especially with no guarantee you will be around past 1 year. If you say you would you are lying to yourselves. You wouldn't do it......Point Blank.

    Mcnair made the right decision. The Titans did right to move on and draft the QB of the future. The Ravens did right in upgrading their QB position. And Bus Cook did a damn good job for his client. Some fans are just feeling jilted. They argue how bad Mcnair has been and how he is so broken down....then why all the whining now that he is gone. You should be happy. Why all the hate? Truth is you need him to be broken down. You need him to be bad, so it gives you something to hate now that he's gone. Enjoy the memories and look forward to the soon to be V. Young era. I guarantee you this though. I bet V. Young will neeeeevveeer renegotiate any contract with the Titans. After watching "papa's" saga, he will refuse to push back anything for the team, lol!

    That, my friends, is the bottom line.
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    Then why do (some) players in the NFL do it?

    no, if I had earnt multiple millions of dollars and saved it/invested it whatever so that I am comfortable for the rest of my life and my kids life, i wouldn't need $15 million dollars at age 33. I'd prefer to stay with the team I started with and retire playing for one team.
  7. flamehead2

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    I don't disagree with you too much there

    Here's where i begin to disagree with you,

    I honestly believe McNair did not play with heart the last 2 seasons he was with the Titans. Let me say this again so you'll understand where I'm coming from. He did not give his all. He was lacluster and mentally, he wasn't like the steve of old. He did not care! Now you don't have to agree with me. But there is nothing you can say or no statistic you can quote that will change my mind. I witnessed it for my self first hand at the games.
    I have already stated elsewhere on this board that during the 2004 preseason i noticed something was wrong with Steve mentally and told everyone I knew about it. This was a few months or so before he said he was thinking about retiring. Flash forward to the end of the probowl last season. First thing bus comes out right after the probowl and says he expects the Titans to honor steves contract as is, knowing full well that it would be impossible for the Titans to do that and be even slightly competitive.

    I am not with those who are saying steve is washed up. I don't think you'll find a post on this board where i said that. As a matter of fact I THINK THE OPPOSITE! Steve will probably light up the Baltimore sky like the whole city is on fire! He'll probably have a great year! He will play with the fire of 2003 and before. THAT'S WHY I'm BITTER AND PISSED AT HIM!

    He's like a spouse that started loving someone else before he announced he wanted a divorce! BY NOT GIVING US HIS ALL IN 2004 AND 2005 HE CHEATED ON THE TITANS AND US FANS!!!

    It's really simple to me. The FO is responsible in this too but I'm giving them a pass instead of McNair. WHY? Because they stayed with the team McNair didn't.
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    Great posts JayDog. I don't understand the trashing of McNair. Its a win for all parties involved.

    Considering many fans wanted NOD over McNair and some have felt that Volek is a better QB, you would think that the masses would be happy to see him leave. Instead we trash the guy. Posters come on here posting the mind boggling stuff, but don't mention the reports of his second and third day of practice. They don't mention the unspoken rapport with Mason that was evident on several passes.

    I wish McNair nothing but the best. Its not his fault Reese never got him a #1 WR. Its not his fault to spend 11 years playing for an offensively challenged head coach that wasted his early years. In the right system, I envisioned McNair putting up numbers like Steve Young. I don't have any hate for McNair, just disappointment over what could have been a HOF career.
  10. Gunny

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    It has nothing to do with how well McNair does in Baltimore.
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