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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. BudAdams

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    "his arrival has Baltimore fans believing that the end of their QB nightmare is finally at hand."

    Oh...Its only just beginning.

    Whats up guys, im a newb as of today!
  2. Childress79

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    I can't remember if I read it here or on but about the time he signed for the Ravens it came out that had no interest in doing any offseason work with the new offense outside of the OTA's.

    Given our lack of experience at WR and that Volek had seen out the 04 season I'd have thought he would have been up for going the extra yard in the off season last year. Why does Volek have a special rapport with Bennett? Because they put the work in when McNair wasn't there.

    I'll take my hat off to him for playin tough over the years. The wear and tear on him now is down to how he laid it on the line for us in the past.

    Injured or not though since his MVP season his performances have by and large been ugly. What had he done for us lately? Apparently not a lot outside of gameday.:sad2:
  3. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    It wasn't a secret McNair didn't work out much at BSP ever during the offseason. But he was often times working back from a surgery. I believe he was recovering from his sternum surgery entering '05 so that may have limited him though he arrived in great shape. Once camp started, I saw him stay after more than once for extra work with the WRs.
  4. Broken Record

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    Welcome to the fold Mr. Adams. We wondered when you'd finally show up.
  5. Sledge

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  6. fitantitans

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  7. nigel

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    Really? I never saw him do that.
  8. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Most of the time, the rookie WRs work extra with the rookie QBs after the vets leave the field. But the day last season I got to go into the bubble, McNair stayed to work with the rookies after the final session. We're talking maybe 15 minutes or so throwing 2-3 balls to a group. I can't see much benefit in it as all were dog tired. I don't see a huge benefit in it happening in those conditions.

    The work needed to happen in practice with defenders covering. McNair was allowed to "rest" certain days during camp and was often out of practice a full week leading up to the game. I think that is the time that hurt in developing timing with the rookies.
  9. kak23

    kak23 Camp Fodder

    McNair will fall flat on his face in Balt. just like Eddie George did in Dallas. He could have been a great mentor to Young but oh well. :sad2:
  10. Canadian Titan

    Canadian Titan VY & CJ = New SM & EG

    If we go 1-15 all year and our only win came against the Ravens, I wouldn't be so disappointed in our year! :brow:
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