McGregor vs Maywether Official Fight and Stream Link Thread

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    We know that, but does Conor? I'm not sure he's aware of what the rules to boxing is, or how the match work at all.

    I dunno if you watched his post-fight presser, but he repeatedly complained about how he worked hard and used skill to get Floyd's back, then the ref separated them way too quickly before he had a chance to do much damage, and it was like he had just wasted all of that valuable energy. He's saying he thought he was allowed to take the standing-backmount and throw punches from there, and the ref wouldn't separate them, as long as he stayed active.

    I'm not certain he's aware of what a boxing match actually is.
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    That fight should've been 8 rounds.

    I remember when Michael Johnson was the 200 meters champ and Donovan Bailey was the 100 meter champ. What did they do to determine the fastest man in the world? Made them run the 150 meters dash.

    McGregor had no chance at all going 12 rounds with a professional boxer.

    This was all show. They duped the public big time. Acted like they hated each others guts pre fight, but are best friends post fight.

    They clearly made their millions from this drama.
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    The most entertaining thing to ever happen during a Mayweather fight.

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    You have an amateur Karate bout to watch?