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    MINNEAPOLIS The Titans got some much-needed good news on the linebacker front on Thursday, as Colin McCarthy — a starter when he was healthy last season — played his first preseason game.

    McCarthy has been dealing with a hamstring injury for most of training camp, but he saw significant action in the loss to Minnesota. It was the first game for McCarthy since last November.

    “The first series was so bad because it has been a while since I have played in a game-like situation,” McCarthy said. “So I wanted to play as much as I can, and the coaches agreed with me, and I was able to stay out there the whole time. As the game went on, it felt better. I’m excited and I feel more comfortable going into Pittsburgh.”

    McCarthy, who finished with a game-high six tackles, said he had no problems with the hamstring.

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  2. Brew City

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    Good news. We are a different team when he's in there.
  3. xhrr

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    "I was able to stay out there the whole time." He even sounded surprised he made it through a full game


    I think he looked good. I was glad to see them keep him playing the whole game. He was starting to get his grove back. Lets all hope he stays healthy!
  5. LiLTex12

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    Some may have began to move on past McCarthy due to his injury problems and past injury problems, but like previous posters have said, we're just a different team out there. He's a difference maker in the coverage game, and his tackling is a big plus.

    Fokou has done a solid job, so if McCarthy isn't ready, I feel comfortable moving on with him, but still holding out for McCarthy being the key piece between Ayers and Zach that I've always hoped for.

    We'll see what the coaches choose for game one.
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  6. Titans2004

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    I agree. Fokou just has not shown the playmaking ability that McCarthy has shown. McCarthy just seems to have a knack for creating big plays. If he is healthy then he should get the start.

    I wonder with Ayers being nicked up whether McCarthy could play the SAM spot with Fokou manning the middle.
  7. UrbanLegend3

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    McCarthy is far and away our best overall defensive player when he is healthy and in the swing of things. The problem is that I believe he is a few weeks away from being ready to play. He looked extremely slow and rusty out there and it's probably due to a combination of not being in football shape and not trusting his hamstring. These things will come in time and I'm glad we have Fokou in the interim.