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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by yanek27, Oct 6, 2013.

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    The only statement I read that was stupid was that it was good Locker not playing against Seattle and Niners. You say we have a bright future yet Locker isn't here to experience a defense like Seattle and Niners. He needs to experience those type of games for the future. This team is headed in the right direction and you want to win games to create momentum into the playoffs or into the next season. Losing Locker is big on the team and himself individually. I see nothing good in losing Locker. He is losing the experience he needs.

    I lied, one other statement I read was maybe not stupid but a bit of a homer statement. If you really think we are going to beat the Broncos in the post season you're crazy. Yes, he has had bad post season success but he is on the best team he has ever been on. That team is dangerous and explosive in all three phases. It would take a lot out the offense to keep up with the Broncos offense because Peyton is going to score regardless who he plays.
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    This is the last post on the subject. When I state just think if Manning had picked us, we would be Denver this year. Welker would signed with us as well. You put Manning don't win the big game and we can beat him this season. Hey I love my team and I will defend them, but I even know that seems a little WAY OVER THE TOP. With Rocky Top I assume you like the Vols. You are prolly saying how you should have beat Georgia and you can beat Alabama this year. Georgia lost almost their whole team to injury and the VOLS still LOST. OK, I hope your a Vols fan or this was one of my worst post of all time lol. NO hard feelings, it sucks we lost and sucks Indy somehow beat Seattle. If Houston wins at SF tonight then that would take the cake as far as suckyness
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    2 words- Gregg Williams. Without him this team would be one of the worst in the NFL. Needs to be officially named DC in the offseason
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    I meant since he is hurt, I would not want him to face those teams and ruin his confidence. And I also meant if he was going to miss 3 games, I am glad it is against Seattle, and San Fran. Yes, KC is one we needed. AGAIN, I think I can say that without the whole board going off and firing at me.
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    I.. can't even reply to this. Don't put words in my mouth assuming I think UT can beat Bama, ect. Learn to use the enter key, and make your posts less scatterbrained. Grammar is nice, too.

    or maybe you should just be one of those lurkers.
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    i am in shock because i agree 100%
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    Too bad we'll probably let Gregg leave and go be the DC somewhere else after this season..
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    Sorry OP if I sounded too mean. I just got the impression that you were ready to write us off as being a non contender for a playoff berth this year and it is way too early to say that. It's amazing how different 3-2 sounds than 4-1 but the difference is only 1 game and the season is really young. Losing Locker for this crucial stretch hurt us big time. I honestly felt we could win today without him, but I think I underestimated the Chiefs defense. That TD they got from the muffed punt was just awful and cost the game along with a few other things. I still can't believe that we couldn't gain 1 or 2 yards in 4 tries to get in the end zone.
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    You're absolutely right. The really crappy thing is we honestly need to find two new OTs. This defense is legit though and we have a hell of a foundation there.
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    A few days ago, I was convinced that the division champ would be the only AFC South team in the playoffs. I had Miami and KC pegged as sure things for the Wildcard spots. Now, I'm not so sure about Miami after dropping to 3-2. The 8th seed could realistically come down to a three team race between us, Miami, and second place in the AFC North (Baltimore or Cinci). Even with our loss today and the tough upcoming two game stretch. Giving up at this point is ridiculous. The Cows can probably give up, though :biggrin2:
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