Matt Expected to Start Sunday

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titantrusince82, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Ghost

    Ghost 3 Time US Navy 7th Fleet "Hogging" Champion

    Your not referring to Mr. CJ2.5ypc are you?
  2. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow CEO of PPO Tip Jar Donor


    I read that Locker is day to day.

    Holding out some hope, but I don't see it as likely however.
  3. SlidePiece

    SlidePiece Starter

    Those other wins came against losing teams. He also had some pathetic losses against pathetic teams. All excuses aside, Hass played fair to poorly with an extremely weak schedule. I guess it doesn't take much to please some fans. I'm a fan of winning. Hass doesn't provide much of that, especially against good teams.
  4. Ghost

    Ghost 3 Time US Navy 7th Fleet "Hogging" Champion

    My concern here is for Locker in the long run. Hes a young QB, and hopefully will be a great franchise QB for us in the future. I don't think he should play this coming week even if he thinks he is ready. Let him heal and finish out the season, if we rush him back in, we may be back in this same situation 2 weeks from now. I don't want to see him end up like McNair was. Granted Steve played like a warrior, but they guy retired at 35 and he wanted to call it quits even earlier than that. I would love to be able to keep our franchise QB healthy, without battling weekly injuries and finish out his career on his own terms around 38 or so and grooming the next guy. Although we are going to have to get a better O line for that to happen.

    We are playing the Vikings, not that I am going to over look them. Matt has been around for a while and he should be able to handle this team and hopefully lead us to a win.
  5. TheSureThing

    TheSureThing Straight Cash Homie

    Locker has some serious injury issues dating back to college
  6. acqua7

    acqua7 Starter

    I think exactly what we want is a healthy Locker throwing up bombs to Kendall and Kenny while our D holds opponnets to 14 points. Maybe even CJ getting 100 yards - can't have it all though!
  7. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    This means there's only one play keeping "The Rifle" off the field. :brow:

  8. TitansWillWin2

    TitansWillWin2 Starter

    What a flippin pansy! It's official we need to draft a qb next year no later than the 3rd round. He can't stay healthy and has a fragile body. I mean honestly who injures their shoulder on a tackle that was not even hard.
  9. TitansWillWin2

    TitansWillWin2 Starter

    Retiring at 35 is a bad thing lol. GTFO lol
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