Mathis injury gives Florence chance for redemption

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Drayton Florence is about to get another chance to prove he's not a bust.

    He got big money from the Jaguars in the offseason and jumped from San Diego -- six years, $36 million, $12 million in bonuses, including a $2.5 million roster bonus next year. He lost his starting job Week 6 in Denver when the team used his groin injury as the reason to shuffle things. Monday night in Houston, he worked as the nickelback.

    He will re-emerge as a starter now with Rashean Mathis, the team's top corner and perhaps its top defender, expected to go on IR after suffering a knee injury in Houston. Mathis leads the Jags with four interceptions.

    "On the injury front, Rashean Mathis, it looks like in a likelihood he'll be placed on IR," coach Jack Del Rio told Jacksonville reporters Wednesday. "He's got a significant MCL sprain and will need to be immobilized for a few weeks. It won't require any surgery but it's going to need some time to heal properly, and so it's a good likelihood that he'll end up going on IR at some point this week."

    Mathis was hurt defending a pass into the end zone from holder Matt Turk after a bad snap by Houston's Bryan Pittman on a field goal attempt.

    The Jaguars don't have great options at nickel.

    William James was terrible on defense earlier this season and Brian Witherspoon has been primarily a return man. Free agent rookie Isaiah Gardner of the practice squad could emerge as an option.

    A three-safety look would bring veteran Pierson Prioleau on the field.

    On the bright side, the Bears are hardly known for their downfield threats -- the top pass catcher among their wide receivers is converted return man Devin Hester (34 catches for 442 yards and three TDs).

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