Mariota not being utilized to his max abilities(ESPN article included)

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by PRAY IV M3RCY, Nov 2, 2016.

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    This is why I hate fantasy football, it has numbed the minds of so many people when evaluating players.
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    The point is great coaches adapt to their talent, not run an offense that's intended for a QB with the mobility of Peyton Manning. If we truly want to maximize the potential of Mariota then we wouldn't limit him. This is what rebuilding is all about, grooming the young talent for the future and hitting bumps along the way. Not, hey I have a way to save my job, let's just run the ball all the time and make simple passes and that'll be good for 7-9 for the rest of my career.

    Winning games is great and I'm not complaining but I can still disagree with the direction we're taking Mariota. He has faults for sure but that's just growing pains, there is no way his deep ball won't improve and no way he keeps fumbling the ball at such a high rate. Put this guy in a West Coast offense or something similar and he'll put up great numbers when we get closer to his prime. Just look at that he's doing already and this is in an offense that's not the most effective for him.
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    FF is an awesome game for fans to interact with the game. Seriously one of my favorite hobbies. Still I'd never use it to explain what's going on on the field
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    Has anybody here heard people talk about the NFL being a quarterback's league? Well I have and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see our offense isn't built around our QB. The reason most of you guy's go crazy when he misses a throw is because since he throws so few times it magnifies each bad pass tremendously. If he was throwing as much as other star QB's then I believe his room for error would increase. What really sucks about throwing in two receiver or one receiver sets is it's much easier to defend and receivers get double or triple covered more. When you run three to five receiver sets it creates more one on one matchups and increases the probability of broken coverages. Just watch the saints play and you'll see just about every week somebody is wide open for a touchdown. Look at it from the DB's perspective, would you rather cover 5 wr or 1? Like I said before it's not rocket science.

    All that said, I firmly believe a prototypical offense should be able to adapt to game situations in which the offense is skilled at power formations for short yardage and running clock and then a high flying open offense for conserving clock and scoring quick i.e two minute drill and when you're getting smashed.

    After watching the last game I would have to give Mularkey and Robiskie a ton of credit because I thought they did a really good job with mixing it up and playing the situation the offense was in, I mean hell that was the most dominant performance in a half the entire league has seen all year. The game was over at half. Hats off to em for adapting and opening it up more.
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    Some good points here.
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    354 yards at the half, but we aren't using our QB They just want more fantasy points. They don't give a damn if we win or lose.
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    you didn't read the article did you, if you did you would realize part of it supports your what you think. But expecting you to read would be a stretch.

    PRAY IV M3RCY Starter

    Of course you don't base an entire argument off of FF but its no coincidence that some of the best teams in the league boast some of the best FF players. I can go look up and see how certain individuals are performing based off of FF, just as if I looked up the players stats. It really doesn't make a difference. I'm not here advocating we need to make Mariota a top FF. I'm saying we need to be giving Mariota more opportunities in this offense. FF just so happens to reflect thag

    But forget about FF, some of you are missing the point.
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  9. Ensconatus

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    Bortles stat line against the Titans...

    337 yards. 3 TDs. 0 Ints

    How did he perform?


    Anyways, to say we arnt running a QB friendly offense would be an understatement.

    We're not. We give very strong indications of run or pass based on formation. But saying we arnt giving him options with 1 wr sets isn't really true in perspective.

    If you take just a Still of the formation and ask me how many options the QB has. I'll laugh and say next to none. Realizing how polarizing our offense is... it's really not a huge deal considering it's most likely an Under center formation and has 74% chance of a run in our offense.

    In gun we throw the ball 72%, normally 11 personel. (1 Rb, 1 TE, 3 WRs)

    Where I agree that we don't use him to
    Potential is in the scheme. We are asking scheme open styles wrs to win 1v1s consistently instead. It's gotten better. Using more concept combinations and some RPOs lately but in general we have had some bad designs.

    We also don't use screens or run extension stuff to the boundary to help the QB. We often ask him on third down to be our savior while showing the defense the game plan.

    One of the better plays lately was a late developing TE wheel against the jags. Single high defense and the play call was in a third down situation. Great call attacking the weak part of the defense in a critical situation.

    The coaches arnt completely terrible.
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    The article is wrong about why, but they got the title and the idea right at least.

    We need to use Mariota's passing to set up the run game, not the other way around. There's nothing wrong with a power run game, but limiting the routes on pass plays is just stupid. According to PFF we have one of the top 3 olines in the league. Yet we're playing max protect and limiting routes.
    If you want to play 3 TE sets fine. But send at least 2 of them out as pass catchers on pass plays, and let them 2nd level block on run plays against lbers and SSs, but don't keep them at the LOS regardless.
    The easiest way to stifle any QB is limit his options, and running only 3 routes does that.
    Cosell talked about it today on the radio. The Titans run more <3 WR sets than any team in the league.
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