Margus Hunt

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by The Playmaker, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. TheSureThing

    TheSureThing Straight Cash Homie

    everyone is looking for the next JPP
  2. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    He might be worth using our comp. 3rd rounder if he's still there.
  3. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    With a late 2nd rd pick you can take a chance on a guy with some significant questions if he has first rd athleticism. Certainly in the 3rd and 4th rds.

    The problem is that we pick so high in rd 1 we can't take a risk. So i would not. 39 will be a good spot to draft a WR and that is where i would go. Especially for an outside the hash marks guy who can get down the field. Hopkins or Hunter.

    I would not risk the 10th pick on Ansah and i would not risk the 39th on Hunt. Ansah will likely go in the first 5 picks.
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