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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by jfrancis04, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I heard Meachem can't catch.
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    those are just the voices in your head

  3. Yea they are. But if i could understand them they are speaking spanish. :ha:
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    Do you have paypal? I'd like you to put money where your mouth is.
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    You gotta be kidding. VY isn't fast enought in this game? he is a 90 rated speed dude. In real life he isn't "fast fast" like vick or pacman or anything, but he takes big strides. I thought 90 was generous. In '07 he was like a 86 sometthing and that was pretty fast
  6. RyansTitans

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    Terrible my arse.

    VY , LenDale , BJ , Troupe <~~~ Thats all I need on offense to win games

    Bulluck , Hope , KVB , Griffin @ FS <~~~~~~~ All I need on defense

    :yes: Tennessee will be good on Madden if your good and know how to play. Im gonna like using Davis and Finnegan for returns. Ive been using Pacman forever now and I think it will be fun to use someone else. Wade was good too at return and he wasent really all that fast.
  7. Chris Henry is going to be pretty good in this game. I hope that he keeps doing as well as he did last night and better because when a roster update comes out, his speed, trucking and everything is going to go way up. His spin move should be pretty high after seeing him do it in practice, hes one of the only backs ive ever seen do that.
  8. RyansTitans

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    For the people who were bummed about not having some draft picks and safties on the Titans roster dont worry. My friend got the game just now and we looked in the Free Agents list and the following Titans are there. Dont ask me why there in the FA list cuz I have no clue.

    DE - Jacob Ford
    CB - Ryan Smith
    OLB - Terna Nande
    SS - Calvin Lowry
    SS - Vincent Fuller

    And Antoinio Johnson is already on the Titans so all draft picks are in the game.

    Some notable players who don't have pics on the Titans roster.

    Michael Griffin - God dang it
    Cortland Finnegan - He had Chris Browns last year..
    Ahmard Hall - That sucks


    Chris Brown is number 22
    Chris Henry is 29

    I think EA didn't know what to do with the whole Henry situation when he was going to wear 29 but Brown came back and they didn't know what number to give Brown so they gave him 22 and then took Fuller off the team.

    Using the Titans..

    1 word. WOW. They do NOT suck. If you are good with scrambling QB's you will have no problem beating your friends and people online with our team. Young is an absolute beast. It seriously is like having Michael Vick but you can actually throw a good pass to your receivers. Brandon Jones is awesome. His rating is 75 but I have no idea why because he is just as good as using anyone else. I think his rating is low because they added a few new rating categories that really dont matter all that much. Roby is fast. Thats all you can say about him. He returns the ball very well and so does Davis. Davis is actually really shifty. Finnegan on punt returns is awesome. His speed is a little iffy but he has some nice moves. You'll average at least 10 to 15 on a return if your good. And once in a while you will break one. Oh and you'll like Paul Williams. He reminds me ALOT of Tyrone Calico in Madden. I used to beast all day with Calico. I really hope he ends up being good. Eric Moulds is good too. His speed has declined but he still has hands like super glue. K on to the running backs. Chris Brown for some odd reason is actually good. Idk why but he is. Im not going to use him tho. Ive been using LenDale White alot and he is really good. His power is amazing. I broke 5 tackles in my 3rd run with him. His stiff arm is awesome. Oh.. and Chris Henry.. lol... Chris Henry is sick. Think of Brian Westbrook with a body like Edgerrin James. He is going to be a stud.

    On defense the loss of Pacman really isn't that much of a blow. Harper is fine. Plus you have Kelly Herdon , Reynaldo Hill , Cortland Finnegan , Eric King ect.. Just pick the combo you want. They will play fine. Herndon is awesome for me. I tried out Finnegan a few minutes ago. Hes decent. Griffin is a FS in the game. Hes 82 overall. When you put him at corner it drops to 79. Im just gonna keep him at FS. Thompson is an 81. HAHHAHAHHA. Not even gonna go there EA. Ryan Fowler and Tulloch are both equal. It really doesn't matter who you use. If you want a little more speed at MLB use Tulloch. If you want a little more power use Fowler. Thats pretty much it. Bulluck is the same old Bulluck but now he has 2 weapons. You think LT is going to use a highlight stick on him? Uh uh... not so fast. Brick Wall Defender. Hes going to pop LT like he was a little kid. KVB has gotten better. Hes faster then last year and you'll get pressure on the QB alot. Haynesworth is powerful. I forced a fumble with him eariler. Tony Brown is better then Randy Starks. Brown can get through alot more then Starks.

    Overall the Titans are a good team if you know how to use them right. If your new to Madden and you only wanna use the Titans to run with VY then your going to suck. If you know how to use Vince the right way , escaping from a blitz , knowing when to take off and run , throwing it down field , youll be good.

    BTW I put Ginn on the Titans just so I could feel good about my self and I was in candy land. I was bombing it to him and he was beasting all over the colts. His 98 speed is AWESOME. He has a 99 or 98 in almost every speed category.

    Ok well I typed a freaking novel im going to bed.
  9. I also put Ginn on my team, I upgraded his speed before i did it because he is by far the fastest guy in the league, and i lowered Hester's because ive seen him almost get caught from behind several times.
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