Looks like we might get Abraham.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TouchdownTitans, May 6, 2013.

  1. Riverman

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    Sign him to a one year deal. You people act like it's YOUR money being spent.
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  2. titan_fan_4ever

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    Don kid yourself...

    As of now Morgan is definitely our best DE. Even if we get John he's still our best DE...

    He's shown during this past year in an NFL defense (I don't call that cr*p we ran last year a D) he can be a top player. When we drafted him they said we were getting an all-around end and he is truly that. I also think he has greatly improved (or rather recovered from injury) and is playing pretty good football. Its not his fault:
    • our D scheme sucked
    • outlet receivers were running open all the time making it impossible to generate any real type of pressure or get a sack
    • offense couldn't move the ball and D was strung out for stretches beyond even the ordinary 'sucking'
    • worse, teams played a lotta of hurry up and of course did so against us to keep the bleeding... nor did it allow for defensive subs
    • ....btw this list can go on and on
    Dude almost led the league in hurries... On a team playing CONSTANTLY from behind.... I can't remember the last time our ends got to 'pin their ears' and rush the passer.

    Oh yeah, not only does he rush pretty darn well (he's got great power moves - think bull rush - and has really refined his finesse moves - think spin), he doesn't give up his lane and really helps seal his edge. Thats HUGE!!

    Go ahead, put KW and John on the ends, or Freeny, and just watch what happens on the perimeter... Sure they might get you that sack instead of a hurry, but teams would destroy us in the run game. And as I said, teams play hurry up regardless of if they are winning, tired or losing, so you need ALL AROUND footballers that can stay in the game... Also, Ayers and Brown are fast and definitely agile, but that speed is only good when they can run free. Put KW/Freeny/John in front of them, it won't be pretty...


    In the end the FO has given us a whole lotta new pieces and there is a lot we can do scheme wise - and that is definitely a cause for excitement. But trust me when I tell you, what we ran last year was garbage and its almost unfair to assess players, especially the ones that did good, on that. I have a lot of faith in Morgan, and I hope he grows into the player I see him become, as part of a scheme I can be proud of.

    I want John b/c of reasons I said in another post, but I wouldn't start him over Morgan (based on play) or KW (what we pay him). Nor do I think he would be our best pass rusher if we run a competent scheme. But he would provide great tutelage for young Ayers on how to be develop into an effective undersized speed-rush DE and could help KW as well (who is also a undersized more speed rush DE with good power - essentially a younger John - relearning the 4-3 end position he played at college).

    NOW, certain players have been sucking for a while, regardless of scheme, YES GRIFFIN, I'm looking at you. Not just based on last year, that guy has only ever been a good S when Big Al is looking for money and absolutely destroying O-Lines. A good or solid player can still play well in a down year (like Morgan, or Brown, or Ayers), but basically since Al's departure Griff's looked continually different shades of bad, and if ever anything else, just OK. His bloated salary is about as bad as Amano's.

    Its not just that, mind you when he entered this league 3M was a hell of a lotta money... For an ex-great or ex-elite player looking for that 'cherry on top year' they gave him maybe 1-3M for that. Those players were extremely happy to take it. Now that 1-3M has become 3-6M and players are still very happy to take it b/c its very much worth it!!

    When you look at older players who signed 'big' contracts back in the day, they seem so small in comparison to what they get now... We gave Kevin Carter, who was essentially a top player in his prime (I think he was 27ish) a 6 year, 45 M contract. That same elite DE hitting the market now commands insane amounts of money...

    John will probably get 2-4M (I'm thinking he wants 6M and teams are saying 2-3M, so he will probably be got for like you said 3M by someone). In the end, 3M is a hell of a 'cherry on top'... Players used to get 1M in his same position back in the day...

    The End
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  3. Titanup1982

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    You forgot to put "The End" :)
  4. titan_fan_4ever

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    Hahaha you really read it, or skim through it? Depends on my mood, but I see a post that long, next...
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  5. RavensShallBurn

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    Well we sure as hell better hope Derrick Morgan isn't our best DE.

    I guess it's just Morgan and Wimbley now. One of them has to be the best. Turrible (my phone auto corrected this to tutti blvd lol)... Abraham would be our best DE if we get him. He may not get as many snaps because he's old as hell, but he's obviously better than any DE we have.
  6. xhrr

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    5 mil isn't chump change, so what fraction of that production are we talking about?

    I can do quite a few fractions of that production I would not be happy with paying 5 mil for.
  7. SlidePiece

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    Where is it said he's seeking 5 mil.?
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  8. Alzarius

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  9. onetontitan

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    I don't think he's going to go for 5 million. It will be in the 2-4M/yr range, most likely. This team is thin at DE and we need a playmaker. Right now he's the best available (IMO). Sign him to a two year, incentive laden deal and I don't think it's a bad call.
  10. Brew City

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    Go back and watch the games and tell me Morgan isn't very good. The dude is finally starting to play like a 1st round pick. I'm excited to see him with a competent scheme.
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