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    I guess you had a point when you said Loggains adjusts to his QB's strengths, but he's still a lousy play caller.
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    Yea. He gets lost on the sidelines. I'm curious how he finds his way to the locker room in a crowd of people all twice his height.

    But really. He sucks as a play caller. He isn't creative. He just does what the QB wants. And then he calls some dumb plays on third down.
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    He has drawn up some very impressive passing plays that I have seen, even in some of his simple screens. Stuff that I have never seen as a Titans fan and previous OC's.

    His running game struggled early, partly due to CJ wanting to bounce everything back inside, but even that improved as the year went on.

    My son loves football and its basically what we talk about the most. He is also young and doesnt know much outside of what madden teaches him. He was always talking about how CJ sucks, Loggains sucks, everyone sucks (basically following the hate train)

    I would see certain plays and how inventive they were (or showing the horrid blocking for CJ) and I would rewind, and show him why the players were failing whether it be the QB not picking the correct and open WR (Which Locker did more often than anyone who hasnt looked knows), the line not making the blocks (which happened all the damn time lol), WR's dropping balls (which would have actually helped us win a few games this season adn possibly have gotten us into the playoffs). Basically teaching him not to be an idiot who complained and didnt know what he was talking about. And no, not taking any shots at anyone on this site.

    Theres a reason why Wright led the league (or was top 3 or something) in 3rd down catches. Loggains designed plays to get the ball into our most sure handed WR that we have.

    Horrid oline. No running game. No QB worth a damn, yet we were in every game offensively except one and if players had executed, we are in the playoffs this season.

    There were some questionable calls, without a doubt but its his first year. Most OC's make bad calls sometimes, but since Munch wanted to promote Loggains, when we struggle, everyone automatically assumed he sucked. After all the rewinds (and not even using anything like all22), I could see some clear indications that he was going to be a good OC. He is a lot more inventive than anyone on most sites I have seen give him credit for.
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    Nobody perfects their craft the very first time they try it. If Loggains got the OC job, he'll have a better more experienced coach to help him out. He's gonna turn out to be pretty decent
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    I don't think Loggains is as bad as people think. I'm not upset he's gone, but I wouldn't be upset if we had given him another chance here either.

    Locker was flourishing.

    He got fired for running a pass happy offence when we were supposed to be a run first team. Ok, fine but let's think about that. He tried to establish the run pretty hard (how many CJ runs up the middle did us fans complain about?) but it clearly wasn't working.. Those runs were going for 0-2 when we hoped they'd go for 3-5. He adjusted to being pass happy because we didn't get anywhere running the ball this season.

    At the same time, the inability to establish that run first identity we were supposed to have falls on him, Munch & Matthews. Don't get me wrong, he deserves blame for that. But he made the correct adjustments to being pass happy. We had too. Too bad it was with Fitzpatrick most of the year.
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    Which experience? AFAIK he's never coached outside the Titans organisation.
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    I personally don't completely blame Loggains for the Titans offensive issues. He seemed to be working well to start the season, and Locker was getting better each week. Was totally destroying the Jets before Locker went down. Fitz was a very different type QB and you could tell at times Loggains didn't always have the best play for Fitz talents. It is clear Loggains likes to pass, and that is an open idea in today's NFL. Just not what the Titans were wanting to do. I can see him getting work. Why not the Giants? Not like they can really do any worse, didn't Eli average 2 INTs a game?
  8. UrbanLegend3

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    Careful. People are gonna start calling you an excuse maker if you keep stating all these logical facts.


    I hope we play them. LMAO
  10. UrbanLegend3

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    You might get your wish because I think we play the NFC east next season.
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