Loggains: Benching Locker was not option

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Alzarius

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    Who comes out in 2014? I know that Geno and that other guy dont impress me at all. Are there any better prospects for a QB in the following draft?
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    To say 10 starts is a bit mis-leading. Locker sat for a year and "learned" from Hasselbeck. That was the supposed formula for a faster success. It it not just that we are seeing Locker lead the offense in a losing effort, it is that he looks completely bewildered, grossly inaccurate, and making bad decisions. Just what did he do in that year of "learning"?

    How many "starts" has Kaepernick had? Yes- he has a great D to back him up, but he appears much more decisive, accurate and a better leader (at least in terms of how the team responded to him.) How many starts has Luck had? Look at what Dalton did his first year of "starts". Russell Wilson?

    Locker is on par with Ponder and Gabbert. I consider both of them busts. (Ponder less so than Gabbert.) It is what it is. We should be seeing increased frequency of "great moments" from Locker by now if he was going to be great. What we are seeing is quite the opposite.
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    What did he do during that year of learning? Apparently not learn how to read a blitz LOL.......

    Its not that Im a huge fan of Locker, I have just accepted that he is our QB next season and hope he improves, or we are going to have another season like this. There is no way we have a different starting QB next season, no matter how bad Locker plays.


    Scary food for thought.... Locker started regressing when we let Palmer go.

    6 games with palmer, 4 games without

    Before Palmer leaves

    7 TD's, 4 INTS (2 coming during palmers last game)

    QB rating, per game

    89, 65, 113, 93, 65

    Rushing attempts


    After palmer leaves

    3 TD, 7 INT's (less TD's, more INTS)

    QB rating per game

    49, 71, 80, 41 (2 games in the 40's)

    Rushing attempts

    19 (running for his life due to changes? the line)

    Now dont think for a second that I am a fan of Palmer, but all of those QB's you mentioned, have some stability there (and by an OC that isnt horrible) Thats also why I was against firing Palmer mid season. It hurts our QB more than it helps but Bud and the fans needed a scapegoat.

    With some stability at OC, and a line that is not full of backups and 3rd stringers and a few (who the hell is that) starting.... he could improve. Not to where I want him to but its hard to ignore the surrounding circumstances.

    When a QB overthrows and under throws as much as Locker does, it doesnt give me a lot of hope.
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  4. SlidePiece

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    maybe Locker would develop like those other QBs if he actually had someone to help him do so. Locker has shown that he can be very accurate, just not on a consistent basis. I believe the problem with his accuracy is because of poor footwork. Most of the time he' s either not getting his feet set or not stepping in to his throws. A lot of that has to do with the constant pressure he is getting from opposing defenses. we desperately need coaches that can work with Locker and develop him into a great QB. I think he has what it takes to get there. he's just not going to do it on his own anytime soon.
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    No, I mean a real coach. Not someone who has developed Tim Couch and David Carr. He was 1 for 3 on developing QBs, and the successful one was a Manning. Chris Palmer is an average OC at best. You have to build an offense around your QBs strengths. Palmer did not do that. He just tried to make everyone adapt to his play book. Our players didn't like his style and didn't believe in his system and play calling. We need an OC that can tailor an offense around Jake and our receivers. They need to work on his footwork. They need to ease him in with some easier high-percentage throws. Get him in a rhythm, something Palmer NEVER did. He's a rookie and needs to be coached like one.

    Also, Glennon was reaching with that article.
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  7. Gunny

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    Alex Smith says hello.
  8. yanek27

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    At this point it means nothing. The QB from Baylor looks good :banjump:
  9. ortitansfan

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    I agree, Locker sucks and needs to go.
    Here are stats of four startes to prove it. You just have to guess who's season stats are whose. Afterall, the Locker haters have told us he takes too many sacks, is innacurate and needs to go. That it why we lose. Now, according to these stats there must be at least two loosing teams listed here.

    54.1 1.27 41 76.5 10 5

    66.4 4.0 29 104.1 12 2

    63.4 2.5 27 98.0 5 3

    56.5 1.27 30 78.8 4 4
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