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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titansfan89, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. cozmicfool

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    Well I wasn't comparing the two. We all know JL can't be mentioned in the same breath as Brees. I'm was only saying that they both suffer from lot's of batted balls due to their height. Brees no where near as much now as he once was due to the fact that he learned to find his throwing lanes. Just making the point that once Locker does I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing better trajectories on his balls.
  2. xpmar9x

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    You can do the short checkdowns when your receivers are playmakers.... cough cough Wright.
  3. ImATitan

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    I was very happy with Locker's first career start. I think he showed great poise in the pocket and excellent playmaking ability. I think with time, some of those inaccurate passes will disappear. Locker was our only good player yesterday IMO.
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  4. ColtKiller

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    His stat line was pretty good. He missed some throws, and made some less then stellar decisions. I hope he doesn't develop a habit of fumbling the ball when scrambling in the pocket.
  5. Alzarius

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    Agreed 100%, dont get me started on this line.
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  6. TitanJeff

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    After re-watching the game, I'm going to raise my grade for Locker.

    His first ball to Wright was perfect. Second to Williams was high though he got the PI. His pass to Wash on the fourth down was outstanding. On the third down, McCourty was clearly interfering with Williams. It cost the Titans four points on the opening drive. Locker was solid.

    On the next series, Locker was in 3rd-and-12 so hit Harper on a short pass which came up short. Three and out. The run game did little to help take pressure off of Locker all day.

    After the Pats score, Locker threw one a bit high that Wash should have caught. Nice ball to Cook though was a dangerous pass. Wash dropped another later in the half. The deep pick floated and was too far outside. Just a bad ball. I don't put the fumble on Locker. Roos whiffed and he was blindsided. Roos can't let that happen.

    He ran well when he needed to. He totally blew a pass to a wide-open Wash midway through the second quarter but I saw only two bad passes the first half.

    In the second half, Locker hit Cook on the deep ball and threw Wright a nice one which was broken up but should have been caught. The TD to Wash with a defender hanging on his back was outstanding. It was between two defenders.

    Locker is lucky McCourty dropped an easy INT. That was horrible and put the Titans in 3rd-and-long on their own 10. His QB draw (in which Hutch held) was a great call. The hold was unnecessary and killed any chance the Titans had for a comeback, IMO.

    Locker did well the fourth quarter giving what the Pats gave him under. The ball to Wash (where he got crushed) was high but a nice pass.

    I give him a B for the game. He stayed in the pocket and, with the exception of three passes, was accurate. He did some good things with his legs and seems to make the right reads most of the game.
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  7. Parking Lot B

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    I think everyone on the team probably had more rushing yards than CJ.:anon:
  8. DownSouthPlayer

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    Locker will get better. Itll take a season for the game to slow down for him. He was just pumped up and he couldnt have been thinking like he should.

    I dont expect a win until week 4 or 5
  9. KelvisKblam

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    I was at the game and I'll say this...I think we have reason to be plenty optimistic about the future with JL. But y'all that are saying that he played a great game have some serious homer rose-colored glasses on...

    All things considered, he did have decent numbers and a couple of good drives, and I do attribute many of the mistakes to very poor offensive line play and lack of any sort of running game. That being said, a lot of his passes were short dump-offs. He seldom looks downfield or seems to go through all of his progressions (could also be because our receiver's aren't that great at getting separation or running deep routes).

    Two things that really worry me are ball security (e.g. fumbles we've seen in the Pats game and in the preseason), and probably more than that, his tendency to throw too high. I know that fumble wasn't totally on him, but you want to see him protect the ball better near our own end zone. And he puts balls in some dangerous places for our receivers, as was the case on the throw when Nate got injured. A good NFL QB should be able to put that ball where Nate won't get pancaked. If you've truly watched Locker, you've seen what I'm talking about and you know he has a tendency to miss high, and that needs to be fixed.

    I didn't mind his INT so much, but honestly, he got a little lucky that Nate came down with the TD pass, too, he kinda threw it up with multiple defenders right there. It was encouraging to see him make that kinda play though, kind of reminds me of his potential as a slightly smaller, faster Big Ben.
  10. Titans Eternal

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    Jake Locker is not tall enough to be an elite nfl qb.

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