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  1. UrbanLegend3

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    Also overthrows deep routes or just throws too high in general.
  2. Ensconatus

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    Deep accuracy can be streaky with every QB tho. I don't hold that too much against him. The too high bit is him overstepping with his front foot leading to a higher trajectory. Mechanics issue but fixable.

    Missing in a simple slant tho... That's an issue. You can't live off the deep throw... You can make a living throwing great slants that lead your WR to YAC.
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  3. xhrr

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    LOL wake up bruh. He has played one full season in 7 years dating back to college. That doesn't just happen to anyone and if you think it does I suggest you stop posting, forever.
  4. Renfro95

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    I am all for drafting a QB, just not one of the "top 3". I just dont see it with them. I can live with Murray, Fales, Garropollo, or McCarrons later in the draft. I believe any of those guys can have just as much success as freaking Bridgewater.
  5. Dman

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    Locker hurt or healthy doesn't really matter he hasn't played great consistently..... well he really hasn't been on the field that consistently. I am all for drafting a qb and letting him win the job because we all know he will be behind center at some point this season.
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  6. lilkhmerkid4u

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    So he sucks? lol
  7. Two Kings

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    I want to stay positive with Locker and hopefully see a Stafford like turn around. However I think we are in a great position to potentially take a QB this year and next. Getting a proper back up and potential starter.
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  8. UrbanLegend3

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    He doesn't necessarily suck. It's a negative trait but something that can be improved.
  9. Titans23

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    I'm hoping for a Stafford like turn around as well for the injury front but seriously those of you that doubt him after his start last year have problems. He was damn near perfect through 4 games. He did exactly what the coaching staffed asked of him. He played ball control in the 1st 2 games then exploded in game 3…I think it was game 3 he threw for 300+. Then was about to have a career day against the Jets and gets hurt on a late hit. He was obviously not 100% when he came back which I believe led to his season ending foot injury but he still toughed out 2 starts when you could tell he shouldn't have been playing. Bottom line…Kid has heart, talent but a terrible injury history. If he can overcome the injuries.. he has a bright future with this team which is why he will start this year regardless of the draft. If not….he could become the leagues most talented back-up. Either way I have zero support for a 1st round QB but support a 2nd or later pick. A.J McCarron has my vote!
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    damn near perfect those first 4 games? Lol. Did you watch him struggle week 1 and 2 or does labeling his struggles as game managing make you feel better as it paints a rosey picture?

    We lost to the Texans week 2 the worst team in the league despite the defense giving us multiple chances to close that game out. Pittsburgh who has nowhere near the def they used to made Jake look like old Jake struggling to complete passes.

    Week 3-4 I'll give you that he looked good but 2 good games doesn't make me go oooh ahhh Jake gonna be so gewd now guise
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