Locker Pre-season Game 1 Review

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    Until the D shows up and plays good for their fair share of the 60 mins the jury has spoken and the verdict is 'Sucks without fat Albert'

    sad but true
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    I was impressed by Locker. Yes, he still struggled with his accuracy. However, there's two things he did that he's never done before.

    #1: Progression. Normally, he'd lock on one receiver and force the throw to him (like he did first drive to Britt). Later on he settled in and began ready one or two receivers before making a decision. This is what NFL QBs do that seperate them from college QBs. Locker is finally starting to do this, no more forcing throws Jake. Find the open receiver, or check it down for positive yards.

    #2: Pre-Snap Count. Forced Orakpo off-sides that one time. That's awesome. Keeps the defense guessing on the snap count, will hopefully give Jake more time in the pocket. I don't think i've ever seen Locker do that.

    Considering on multiple plays the pocket collapsed so quick. I mean, Orakpo & Kerrigan are Pro-Bowl level OLBs, when healthy. Plus, we were running with Otto as our starting RT, whom is a big step backwards from Stewart. Jake still needs to work on finding the right receiver, extending drives, not forcing passes, and pre-snap reading defenses. I saw improvement however.

    Grade: C+
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    Everybody busting Locker's balls after one a couple of pre-season series understand this:

    He threw from the pocket on his pass plays. Never been his strength. There were no designed roll-outs probably simply to keep him safe.

    We had a rookie RG in his first live NFL. He got a good education.

    Locker had 2 TD drives (assisted by the run game) so that's pretty good. It's about the points. He's serviceable.

    I'm not sold on Locker being the answer, but he isn't the liability I once thought he would be. My only knock is the 2 sacks. I really think he was instructed to STAY in the pocket to keep him from getting a serious injury in a meaningless game.
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    The most glaring thing to me all night...from the first time either team touched the ball...was how the Washington WRs/TEs were running in open space and our WRs/TEs were running with people draped all over them.

    I still dont think we have LBs that know how to cover the middle.

    At least that is what it looked like from my seat.
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    Would love to be more optimistic toward Jake Locker, but in a fast moving NFL world of new quarterbacks in this day and age, Kapernick, Wilson, Griffin, Dalton and Luck, in his third year I just don't see anything super special going into the future. I wanted Kirk Cousins or Andy Dalton originally and really saw what I saw in Cousins last night. He looked like what Jake Locker should easily look like now and Andy Dalton did a number on us in 2011 and guided the usually hapless Bengals to the post season.

    Jake has had some moments last year, and really had some chances to close out some big games in his rookie campaign of 2011 against Atlanta and New Orleans. Had he closed the show in both games, that would be a showing of great things to come in my opinion. We will see moving forward, but won't be surprised if he becomes a Kerry Collins early in his career.
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    The plan last night was to establish the run and, on the most part, it was extremely successful when the first team was on the field (after the first series).

    I would have liked to see Jake attempt something a little deeper but he strung together some first downs, kept the chains moving, and managed the game. The OL didn't do a great job in pass protection so the check down was all that was usually there. I thought Jake made a couple of very nice passes in traffic last night and avoided forcing anything.
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    Nothing especially good or bad. First pre-season game? I'm fine with that.

    I will say that I said a curse word before the ball got to Wright. Wright should have caught it, but it could have been placed better.
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    Jerry Gray.

    We added a hard hitting SS, whom is pedestrian in coverage. We have a FS who can't tackle or cover. McCourty is barely above average, then we have an undersized Verner and a bunch of unproven CBs.

    If we don't get consistent pressure this year, we're screwed. Although our DL looked impressive.
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    Bad news is we have Jake Locker, the good news is we draft a new Qb next year!


    I'm a white boy, can I have wheels too?