Locker Pre-season Game 1 Review

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    I went back and took a look at all of Locker's attempts tonight. He ended up 7/11 for 58 yards, 1 ball was dropped and 1 tipped at LOS. He also ran for 4 yards and took 2 sacks. Here's a look at each one of his attempts and my thoughts. I only have one camera view so its not easy to see everything going on in the secondary.

    1st Drive:
    1st Attempt - 2nd & 7 [0/1]
    20 yard attempt to Britt in the middle of field that could of been picked off by LB that dropped underneath Britt. Pass ended up tipped and bounces off Britt. Poor read and decision making. Definitely a forced throw.

    2nd Attempt - 3rd & 7 (Shotgun 3 WR Left, 1 WR Right)
    Quick pressure off right side that leads to a sack. Both Warmack and Otto get beat quickly. Jake had the ball in his hands for a total of 2.5 - 3 seconds before a defender had a hand on him. The entire pocket collapsed and no where to go with the ball. Good play to take the sack instead of forcing the ball down field.

    Titans go 3 and Out: Locker 0/1 with 1 Sack. Not a good start!

    2nd Drive:
    - First play CJ runs for 54 yard TD

    3rd Drive:
    3rd Attempt - 1st and 10 (3 WR Set, FB Weak) [1/2, 14 yrds]
    Locker makes a couple of reads downfield before checking the ball down to Green in middle of field. Good check down as there was no one within 6 yards when Green caught the ball. Green breaks it outside for a 14 yard gain and 1st down. Good to see him take what the defense gave him.

    4th Attempt - 1st & 10
    Locker is sacked again as Roos gets beat bad by Orakpo around the edge. Jake does try to step up but Orakpo gets caught from behind. Locker had the ball in his hands for 3 to 4 seconds after snap before being sacked.

    3rd & 7 (Shotgun 3 WR Set, 1 TE; 2 WR Right, 1 WR Left, TE Split Left)
    Good hard count by Jake pulls Orakpo off-sides. Vet move I'm sure he learned from Matt and puts us in 3rd & short instead of 3rd and Long.

    5th Attempt - 3rd & 2 (Shotgun 2 WR Left, 1 WR Right, TE Split Right) [2/3, 25 yrds]
    Jake makes a good pre-snap read to see 1-on-1 against Washington split out right. Washington with a curl route does a job coming back to the ball to beat the defender and picks up 11 yards. Good throw by Jake and a better read to know where to go with the ball.

    6th Attempt - 3rd & 4 (Shotgun Bunch Right 2 WR & TE, 1 WR Left) [3/4, 28 yrds]
    Quick slant to Britt for 3 yards. Not a great throw but Britt does a good job of bringing in the pass with a defender on his back. Throw was high and out of front of Britt. Looks like Britt was trying to sit down in coverage at the 1st down marker while Jake expected him to continue running the slant. Britt bailed Jake out a little on this one but comes up just short for 1st down.
    Next plays:
    4th and short Green Converts
    1st and 10 Green with 19 yrd TD run

    4th Drive:
    7th Attempt - 1st & 10 (2 TE Set; FB/RB Backfield) [4/5, 30 yards]
    Play action pass designed to bootleg left. LOLB blitzes and comes free. Jake has the LB in his face he turns towards field and quickly checks down to Q. Johnson in flat for 2 yrds. Not a big gainer but avoided a 10 yard loss and another sack.

    8th Attempt - 3rd & 6 (Shotgun TE and 1 WR bunch right, 2 WR split left) [5/6, 36 yards]
    Locker hits Washington on drag route coming from right side. Washington sat down in coverage and locker made a good read not to throw to Britt out wide and coming back to Washington on the hash lines. Locker also did a good job of stepping up a little on this play because the RT got beat wide. He also slightly shifted to his left int he pocket to give him just a little more time to complete the pass. Play gains 6 and barely gets the first down.

    9th Attempt - 2nd & 7 (2 WR Split Right, TE Left, FB) [6/7, 40 yards]
    Play action but LG (Velasco) gets beat right off the snap to the outside. Jake quickly steps up to avoid sack and checks the ball down on the run to Battle for a 4 yard gain. Another check down but these are smart plays to avoid sacks and forcing balls down field. Seems like the 2 years spent with Hasslebeck is coming to fruition.

    10th Attempt - 3rd & 3 (Shotgun Bunch Right 2WR and 1 TE, 1 WR Left) [6/8, 40 yards]
    LOLB rushes while LDE drops into coverage. Wright breaks into flat where NO ONE is covering him. Jake throws a strike but Wright has a bad drop as he tried to turn up field before securing the catch. At least 10 yards would of been gained likely more as there was only one guy to beat in the open field. Nice things to see on this play...Jake quickly got the ball out of his hands as the LB rushing was at his feet. He didn't get to set his feet on the throw but still put the ball in a good location that should of definitely been caught. Bad drop by Kendall.

    5th Drive:
    11th Attempt - 1st & 20
    Jake drops back but does not take long before he takes off for a 4 yard run. He does slide out of bounds which is good to see him protect himself. I do feel like he did not take enough time to read downfield as soon as there was a lane he ran. I believe Wright was open on a drag route underneath but difficult to tell how close defenders where in the secondary.

    12th Attempt - 2nd & 16 (2WR Right; 1 WR Left, TE Left) [7/10, 40 yards] [6/9]
    Jake's pre-snap reads corner off Britt by 10 yards. Problem is his pre-read consisted of 3 looks over at Britt. He needs to vary that up because he telegraphed where he was going with the ball. Britt and Locker both were lazy on the play. Locker took too much time getting the ball out of this hands and Britt didn't come get the ball on a quick hitch. Defender broke on the pass and deflects it as it gets to Britt. Scary throw as a top tier CB may have been going for a pick 6. So 3 bad things on this throw, telegraphed the pass with is pre-snap looks, took too long to get the ball out of hands, and threw a quick hitch to the wide side of the field.

    13th Attempt - 3rd & 16 (Shotgun) [7/10, 58 yards]
    Screen pass to Battle who goes Beast Mode on a DB for a 18 yrd gain. Jakes does a good job selling the screen by looking down field before dumping it off to Battle. Battle made this play happen though and needs a spot on this roster incase CJ or Green goes down. Nice 3rd and long pick up.

    14th Attempt - 3rd & 10 [7/11 58 yards]
    Similar play as earlier in the game when he checked down to Green for a nice gain. Locker looks down field but tried to check down to a wide up Parmele underneath. Pass is deflected a LOS and Titans Punt.

    Overall I think he played fairly well for the 1st pre-season game. He has definitely approved in some areas but needs to continue improving with decision making. On another note, would everyone please stop with the accuracy stuff! Maybe 1 ball was off target out of his 11 attempts and that was still a completion. The other 2 legit incompletions (minus the dropped ball and tipped at LOS) were bad decisions not bad accuracy. Think of Locker as McNair in his 3rd year. The Titans are going to run the ball, use the play action pass, check down often, and then take 3 to 4 shots deep per game. This is the best thing for Jake as he learns the game and gets more comfortable with more starts. I'm not going to give up on this kid after 11 starts. He still has some improving to do but I'm not jumping ship like 3/4 of this board has already. We are a ball control offense, we are not the Broncos or Patriots with Manning or Brady as our QB. So stop expecting those results from a QB with 11 regular season starts and start having some realistic expectations.

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  2. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    High-five for the effort, but IMO he was pretty had. I'd give him a D for that performance.

    However, we focused more on the running game and didn't allow any of our QBs to do much of anything.

    Not sure why we did that because we need to be focusing on Locker and the passing game as much as possible for the preseason. I'm gonna lose it if he checks it down to the RB every pass like tonight.
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  3. TheSureThing

    TheSureThing Straight Cash Homie

    the pass that was tipped over the middle to britt was absolutely awful...

    those are the throws that are going to kill us, and you won't see a franchise QB make that bad of a throw.
  4. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow CEO of PPO Tip Jar Donor

    I am going to give him a C+ or B- at most and here is why.

    He never really got a chance to showcase anything. He did exactly what McNair was doing here for the first few years and thats okay right now. Most people don't care to talk about McNair's completion % in college, it wasn't much better than Locker. It looks like Green/CJ can carry the team, let them. Go to your check downs, don't hold onto the ball long, and if you take off and run, slide. He did all of that and you cannot give him a negative review based off play call.

    He was 7/11 with a horrible dropped pass by Wright and what SHOULD have been a catch by Britt. Outside of his first pass and that horrible tipped ball at the line, he played well tonight. He took what was there and allowed the running game to carry the team. He took two sacks, neither of which were his fault and honestly, the sack was the right play. He made good reads at the line, and that is what matters right now, he is learning.

    This is probably what we can expect in a real game, short check downs, power running, some QB scrambles, and the ever present threat of CJ. As the game moves on you will start to see more deep throws as the the defense starts to pull up to start the run. This is how you build an offense around a young QB with accuracy problems, I like what I saw tonight and this is him coming off an unhealthy bad season.
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  5. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    I wish Locker would run MORE.

    Just learn to slide.

    Dude has wheels for a white boy and is built like a linebacker.

    Probably one of the fastest QBs in the league.
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  6. cdubbs2121

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    While I'm the biggest CJ supporter on here, I love the it looks like CJ/Greene can carry the team....pretty bold after one preseason game. The CJ haters come and go. I agree we should be focusing on showcasing locker and finding out if he can be our franchise guy, at the same time like you said hopefully we can be good enough like with McNair that we can surround him with difference makers
  7. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    These preseason games with extended snaps are to go thru what I'd like to call... Emergency and management plays.

    Locker last year had the tendency to send alot of passes to the intermediate and deep areas. Getting him to use the flats and check downs when the run game is working... Is frankly great. I've never thought of jake as one to NOT want to send the ball for 15-30 yards. He loves those plays. He's a gun slinger at heart... And sometimes the favre gets the best of him.

    Getting him to take what's given gives us those 3rd and shorts that can be an easy first down, instead of a 20 yard incomplete pass.

    Would I like to see more from jake? Yes. However, he's had limited snaps and needs all these reps, and small successes to build a good confidence.

    Last year wasn't much of a confidence booster and that can decimate a young qb.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see us come out with three wide sets next week early. Pushing locker to produce good passes.

    I also think we only saw the very tip of the iceberg of plays. I imagine there is much more to come.

    Also... O line was on fire for the run game. Pass block needs more work.
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  8. GoT

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    like 'the Diva' did on that 'pass' too :cj: that the TE caught on his miracle 99 yard drive against Arizona?

    just sayin'

    but yeah ugly pass
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  9. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    im overall pretty pumped about our offensive potential this year after this game
  10. GrandMajesty1

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    How old are you Titans23??? I've never seen a fan break down a quarterbacks performance like that on a fan site like this.....not saying that to be a bad thing.....but surprised to see your breakdown coaching analysis.

    Bottom line, Titans are going to be a competitive 8-8 team this year. Locker is going to sometimes look like he was worth drafting as the "future" and at other times, a head scratcher. He's going to win some games, and worse of all, cost us games with his inconsistency in decision making.

    Chris Johnson will always be Chris Johnson. It's sad that this offense can't step up and play to the talent level it has inherited. The defense is going to be very frustrating to watch again this year. Either install Gregg Williams as the D-Coordinator and fire Jerry Grey, or keep going exclusively with Grey which is the worse decision Munchak has made to this point, and not just bring Williams in as a "consultant."

    Losing Alan Lowry by Munchak's decision, like Chris Palmer, to fire him was just stupid. Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, bringing back Jason Jones, getting Abraham or Freeney or getting Mario Williams last year should've been done this year and last, as a player or player's that needed to be brought in to enhance up the pass rush.

    When the Redskin backups drive down the field with Cousin's and "Pat White" the way they did tonight, is just inexcusable. The wide open receiver in the end zone on Washington's first TD of the night, and the end of the game 2 point conversion, are you kidding me???
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