Rumor Locker might need season-ending surgery

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    Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker could miss multiple games after his second shoulder dislocation of the season. The medical staff had to pop the shoulder back into place Sunday against the Houston Texans. Again.

    Dr. Mike Pagnani, director of Nashville Knee and Shoulder Center, told The Tennessean once a player has that injury, it will continue to happen. Pagnani has been the team physician for the New York Giants and the NHL's Nashville Predators, as well as a consultant for the Miami Dolphins.

    "Eventually, the pain will go away," Pagnani said. "The risk is, it's going to happen again and it's probably just a matter of time before it does. He is going to go out there and he is going to get hit wrong and it's going to pop out again. And he'll go through the same scenario where they pop it back in, and he's going to be real sore for a week or two until he ultimately gets it fixed."

    Pagnani thinks surgery is inevitable. In that scenario, Locker would be done for the season with a four to six month recovery time.

    "He's already had one trial of non-operative treatment, and maybe I would give him one more shot at this," Pagnani said. "But if it popped out again, that would probably be it. I would probably jut fix it, and that would be the end of the season for him.

    "It just depends on the discretion of the player, and the doctor to a degree, as to how many episodes you are willing to put up with."

    Locker won't play this week against the Minnesota Vikings, but the team has not decided to go the surgery route. An MRI showed no structural damage. This returns Matt Hasselback to the starting lineup -- which is not a bad option. The question is: How long will he be there?
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    I don't know who you are OP, but this is the worst type of thread to start as a new guy.:chairwack:

    Man, I really hope that is not the case. This would be horrible.
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    I thought it was the bot until you said something Scarecrow.

    Anyways, he should go ahead and get it done this year, there's nothing to play for this season.. the team's trash. Get it over with when we aren't in the hunt that way we have him when we are in the hunt..
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    Yup. I already added a post to the Jake injury thread. Wyatt said basically the same thing in a tweet a few hours ago.

    I suspect they'll try a brace but, as soon as he takes a big shot, it can happen again.
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    **** our luck.

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    If I'm Jake I take a game off, and get my ass back in there. Have the surgery when there's nothing left to play for or after the season.
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    Locker looked disappointed on the sidelines. I would have to agree with brave that he rests it a game, jumps back in And sees how it goes before he does the surgery. The kid really wants to play. And while he has been up and down so far this season... Hass would be a quick end to my titans interest this season... Like seriously I'd start making mock drafts that very week....
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    Lemme rephrase that... I'd rather see rusty ****ing smith play than another snap of hass
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    I thought that Munchek said there was no major structural damage in Locker's shoulder. If that's the case why does he need surgery.
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    This season was pretty much done for before we even started. We all pretty much expected an 0-6 start, and playoffs were a pipe dream.

    I think he should get the surgery done now, before there is so much damage to it it can't be repaired.
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