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    After a couple of rough practices, quarterback Jake Locker bounced back with a strong showing on Friday. In team drills, Locker finished 16-of-20 with one interception, looking much sharper than he had on Tuesday and Thursday when he was a combined 9-of-30.

    Matt Hasselbeck continued his good performances, going 13-for-15. He was a combined 26-of-31 on Tuesday and Thursday. The Titans did not practice Wednesday.

    Included in Locker’s completions on Friday were back-to-back darts to tight ends Craig Stevens in the right seam and Jared Cook on the left side.

    “We had a tough night last night,” Locker said of Thursday’s 1-for-10 with an interception. “It was a combination of things, but we didn’t have our best day. But I think we bounced back today and we were able to get some completions and move the offense.”

    Locker’s only interception came on a pass across the middle, as linebacker Will Witherspoon tipped the ball into the air and safety Jordan Babineaux picked it off. Locker responded with a long completion to Michael Preston in the left corner of the end zone.

    “I just think that’s how it’s going to be,” coach Mike Munchak said of Locker’s improved performance. “You don’t prepare for things you’re seeing on both sides of the ball because you’re not really concerned about game-planning. So sometimes it’s going to look a little off.

    “Sometimes the receivers are confused, sometimes balls are being dropped, sometimes the quarterback not accurate. I just think today was obviously a lot better for both quarterbacks overall. That’s the good thing, to see guys bounce back when one night wasn’t as good as the next.”

    Source: Titans Insider
  2. Ten_Titans

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    Well.. that's it then. Locker starts week 1.

  3. Parking Lot B

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    Jake hate already? Give him a chance -at least we're not dealing with Vince drama.
  4. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    No hate towards Jake, just offering my impression of everyone saying

    "Well, guess it is MH week one"

    yesterday when Jake had a bad day.
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  5. Parking Lot B

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    Sorry for the confusion. Thought you were hatin' up on Jake. You're right in regards to everytime he slips or doesn't throw a bullet they will be on the MH band wagon and vise/versa. We all need to be patient and let training camp continue, go into preaseason with open minds and see who gives us our best option.
  6. DownSouthPlayer

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    Preston is gonna take over Hawkins spot late in the season.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    It's going to be a back and forth thing for weeks. I bet Locker and Hass both play really well this preseason.
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  8. MrBean

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    Also, you shouldn't be so quick to jump to calling someone as "hating" everytime they say a small criticism of Locker. That was one of the huge things that divided the Titans fans early on with VY.

    If I posted, "Jake shouldv'e put that one a little to the left to get the reciever in stride rather than making them stop for it." I am not hating, I am criticizing.
  9. CJtheBeast

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    I just want to see Locker develop consistency and show that he's improving through camp. His intangibles are most valuable in live action, but if he can learn to be an effective pocket passer he'll be deadly.