Locker Cleared for Contact

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Scarecrow, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Dman

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    regardless of what happens Sunday, win or loss we can overcome that because we are a strong team but can we overcome a hurt locker? No, we have seen fitz and we know how bad our backup qb is.

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    If you go off their passer ratings 99 & 61, a 80% Jake really is better than all of what Fitz has.
  3. Titan_nation

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    Remember the days when air McNair played with a fractured rib and bruised this and that. Sh @t now and days they hurt their pinky there out 4 games lmao let him play if he gets hurt again then obviously he's not the guy we need to lead this team in the future. I want a quarter back who's a damn leader. One who gets hit and hits back. Someone not hurt prone every year. We need a leader with heart like McNair. I've heard lots of reports that honestly believe his hit was not even as bad as it was made out to be! So get out their locker before this team thinks your just a pus@y milking it and show them you wanna be their and lead us to a championship. I have faith in locker I just hope he has faith in himself. But hey seriously if he's hurting and he can't go then don't risk it but I think he's ready. It's like you want players to be safe but at the same time I've seen the greats of football play with more serious injuries And do what they have to regardless. I JUST WANNA MAKE THE PLAYOFFS !!!!!
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  4. titan1207

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    I said it a couple of days ago, if Locker is cleared for contact he is ok to play. I bet the Titans will not show their hand until they have too.
  5. Brew City

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    He has a sprained knee. What makes everyone think he will tear his acl if he gets hit wrong. Worst case is he sprains it again and misses games vs bad teams.
  6. Brew City

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    If he tears his ACL then that would have happened if he was hurt or not going into the game.
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  7. nbtoppers2

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    play him and Greene then use the bye week to rest all the small dings and tweaks.
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    I think he'll start. He took more of the first team reps on Friday than Fitz. Unless he has some kind of setback in the next day or so(swelling, extreme soreness, etc.) I'm betting he'll be starting.
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    I think everyone on this entire team realizes how important these games are.The coaches and quite a few of the players Locker included have jobs on the line.If i know Locker like i think i do i'm betting he was not happy at all watching Fitzpatrick drop the last two games.I wouldn't doubt it at all if he is wanting to get back out there and do what he can to turn things around before the bye.At least Locker and the coaches know now that they can't trust or depend on Fitzpatrick.I'm hoping this offseason Webster brings in a good backup like we had with Hasselbeck.It would be great if Locker and Greene both play and play well and get us a victory before the bye.A win would give us some momentum going into the bye week.
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  10. Laserjock

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    Hopefully if they do start Locker, they have a very short leash. If we have protection problems at all and he is at risk they need to pull him.
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