lesser of two evils poll

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Dec 26, 2005.


Okay, who's it gonna be?

Poll closed Jan 25, 2006.
  1. Colts

    14 vote(s)
  2. Patriots

    28 vote(s)
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  1. nigel

    nigel Back on the bus

    You can put that on your list of things that arent going to happen. They dont have enough offense to beat Seattle. But they wont even get the chance. Write it down, the Bears will get beat in the divisional round.

    And I second what SK said... anyone but the Colts.
  2. dg1979us

    dg1979us Pro Bowler


    Theyve won all year with no offense and now they have more offense than they have had at any other point during the season. Seattle is certainly the favorite, but the bears have a realistic shot of knocking them out.
  3. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    So you wants to talks abouts some nfcs?

    Ok...where do the 'skins, 'boys and blac'kats fit in? (if at all)

    I realize that my thread was a silly hypothetical about the AFC...
    I've noticed nobody has said anything at all about the Squeelers...
    That's good old fashioned Oilers contempt right there...
    ...Brings a smile to my face.
    Nothing better-(not really)-than a chip on the old shoulder...

    Steelers 34 Titans 7
    I know...hate is hate...but a butt-***in' is a butt-***pin'...(that's B-R)
    ---Chattanooga slange for "you got killed".

    Can you believe what they (Squeelers) did to Cleveland?
    I can but still...Don't sleep on the Steelers...

    We couldn't hold our own in Cleveland...
    Then again, the Titans have only won one road game,
    and that was in Houston...
    And I'm not even sure Houston has won at home...
    (they may of-it doesn't matter)

    ...but just because there is so much tension focused around the nfc here...break it down people...

    ...anyone impressed with the 'boys stealing one from Carolina?
    I was. The skins are not finished yet. Moss continues to do what he does.

    How about the Super Bowl you will never see but you know (despite your allegience) you would want too...Skins and Jags...yeah baby... Welcome to bizzarro world...It's kinda like Buc/Raiders with but with no bipolar guy running off to Tijuana and a whole lot less talent on either squad...(the similarity of course would be (Gruden/Raiders and Brunell/Jags)

    Any way you look at it it would be a complete train wreck but I bet it would be one heck of a game with just enough D to keep it "fictional"...I realize that makes no sense...just go with it.

    Seriously, Let's examine the NFC playoff picture as it stands
    1 Seattle Seahawks
    2 Chicago Bears
    3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    4 New York Giants
    5 Carolina Panthers
    6 Washington Redskins
    7 Dallas Cowboys

    It looks like Seattle and Chicago sit out with a bye.
    That goes a long way to helping Chicago in the Divisional Round.

    nigel, I'm not trying to lock horns buddy, but who is going to go into COLD, COLD, COLD, windy Chicago and beat 'da BEARS?

    Let's take a look down the food chain.

    Can Washinton beat Tampa? Gee, My gut says Tampa but my heart 'skins.
    Can Carolina beat NYG? Please. Giants in a laugher.

    Can Washington upset TB? Tell that team(WAS) they can't and they will. TB did not exactly annihilate the Falcons...nice kicking game...
    Can you imagine that clown (TB kicker) kicking in Giants Stadium?
    I'm sure you all saw MNF the other night...windy...but RFK is RFK...
    Still, is it a game that comes down do kickers?
    I'll give TB the nod on the ground game...key ingredient in a must win.

    I still need two survivors to advance to the divisionals...

    I'll take the Giants (a lock) (4)
    and just for kicks
    the 'skins (gotta love an underdog) (6)

    Seahawks give Redskins ceremonial burial...

    Giants vs. Bears in Chicago???
    I love it.
    Now we get to see if Eli possess
    the genetic predisposition for choking.:ha:

    To those of you that are totally or mostly left brained...
    (I know the vast majority of you are in these forums)
    I totally apologize for my ramblings in this post.
    I think somebody pulled the "Folgers Switch" on me cause I really feel like I ought to pop an ativan just to find some clarity. Please be patient with Bipolar right now 'cause he's had a little too much java.

    I hate it when folks speak of themselves in the third person too.
    Where's my DRANK? ahhhh...coffee...:ha:
  4. TheMugwump

    TheMugwump Guest

    Well, my vote made it 18 for the Colts, 26 for the Pats. Closer than I imagined it would be.

    Anyway SK, I'm sorry you hate Manning. I personally think he's a good guy, a great QB, and a doofus off the field (but that isn't really a negative as there are surely more doofus' out there than 'Cool Dudes'). Of course, my opinion is colored by the fact that I'm a Colt fan, and not a Vol fan. This brings up a question: why do so many Vol fans hate him? He chose to go to UT instead of his father's alma mater, and he DIDN'T choose who would draft him. If I were a UT fan, I'd be thankful for the four years he gave me.

    Then again, SK, I'm assuming that you ARE a UT fan, and that may not be the case.

    As to #2, I'd hope that no Colts TROLLS would throw anything in your faces, although I sadly admit that there are a lot of them out there. Many of them based on the Indy Rats....errr, Indy Star board. I for one would likely not even post here about a SB win, but you would see me around draft time hoping to take part in any mocks that you guys do.

    Anyway, good luck to you guys this weekend. As I've said before, I respect the Titans and their fans, and wish them nothing but good times (except for twice, possibly three times a year). I detest the Jags and their fans, because they are generally classless, obnoxious, and witless.

    Happy New Year and Feliz Navidad to all NFL fans (except those in J-ville).
  5. rcarie

    rcarie Tac Head

    Sorry, I think this is the Colt's year. If the Patsies have to go play in the dome it could mean big trouble for them...
  6. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Mugster, Thanx so much for dropping by and voting in my poll.
    I learned a few months ago that it is not generally a good idea to speak for Starkiller but I'm kinda thick headed, so, I regress...

    I don't think Starkiller hates Peyton Manning.
    I hate Peyton Manning.
    Now, I don't know if SK is a Vol fan, Commodore fan, Yellow Jacket fan or ceiling fan but I do know that he only listed Manning as the #1 reason to root against the Colts. That's all.

    Muggy, I have a question...does doofus = goob?
    If yes, we agree on something.
    baby steps, baby steps, baby steps...

    O.T.: are you a Bill Murray fan by any chance?

    anyways...I'm a Vol fan. It's hard lately. Kinda like being a Titan Fan.
    We Vol/Titan fans are going through quite a trial...

    interesting quote:
    does that imply that if he went to Ole Miss that Archie would have...

    what the deuce!
    Did you know that there were only two qb's taken in the 1st rd of the '98 draft?
    Well there goes my San Diego Chargers draft...
    Ryan "the Bust" Leif was the other QB for all you draft trivia buffs out there.

    I don't know if that is all together fair but if history is any judge...

    btw-how in the world did the 1997 Colts manage to beat the Dolphins 41-0?
    The Dolphins were 9-7 that year. They even played in the Wild Card Game.

    That's nuts. Anyways...point is...

    If San Diego had managed to drop another game to Oakland and later lost to Indy

    (might not have even taken the later depending
    on S.O.S. which I won't bother to look into)

    ...tell me Archie would have not been on the phone...Nobody else wanted a QB...but maybe if San Diego had gotten a piece of the action...Throw Arizona's trade pick into the mix...

    Well Muggy...you are freakin' right...
    honestly, all things considered, your argument for Peyton's daddy having no role in where his boy was drafted (or traded to) is solid by my reckoning...

    but you need to factor in one more all important factor...
    it's [​IMG]
    Indy was a natural 1st overall selector and Archie was fine with it.
    Had it been San Diego things would have been different.

    I am however thankful for Manning laying the groundwork for Tee Martin's perfect season but all of my Anakin Skywalker style hate emerged in 1999.
  7. wg53

    wg53 Starter

    He's a vandy fan for one. We, UT fans that do not like Manning (I'm one)...didn't like him because he couldn't win the big game and never beat florida....plus he's always seemed like a pompous jerk.
  8. My hated of Manning partially stems from my hatred of of UT. I'm a Vanderbilt fan, so it all comes naturally...

    Plus, the way he treated that female trainer at UT and then wrote about her in his book just goes to show that he's not such a great guy.

    Then you can throw in years worth of hearing about Peyton Manning this and Peyton Manning that. There's only so much of it that even any non-partisan person can take before they get sick of it. I had the same reaction to hearing about Tiger Woods after a while (not that I pay much attention to golf).

    There are a lot of very nice Colts fans out there, and obviously I have no problem with you or a number of others. But every team has it's trolls...
  9. avvie

    avvie It's another cold day in Hell Tip Jar Donor

    I will gladly enter my vote for the Panthers as NFC contender as soon as I finish this crack pipe.
  10. Mrs. Bipolar

    Mrs. Bipolar Football Widow

    I agree with avvie. This could be the year the Panthers go all the way.
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