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  1. Smash

    Smash 2017 Survivor Winner

    But then again, Henry needs a lot of carries to produce, the same goes White. I think splitting it 50/50 or 60/40 on a series will lower their production. We need one of them to be the #1 in several series and the other just to substitute when a break is needed.
    With that said, they could swap places, after 5 series or so, to rotate a bit.
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    #25 will be starting soon..

    Despite henry's 2 great games i think we are starting to see a gradual change to our back of the future. Lendale is healthy, in shape and he has played well(4.4 ave) and eventually he is going to be the starter anyway. With ahmard hall that gives us an all rookie starting backfield. They might as well start getting familiar with each other because they will be together for a long time..
  3. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    That might be true when other things are fairly equal but Henry ran wild for a couple of games so Henry is going to get the carries. How stupid would a coach be after a guy runs for 178 yards to not give him the majority of the carries. This isn't training camp anymore. You think the Chargers base LTs carries each week on his practice performance? It is more about game performance now.

    White had a nice run for 19 yards which made his stats look nice but for the most part the OL wasn't giving any of our backs room to run. Henry will still be the #1 guy IMO getting 2/3 of the carries until White can prove he is consistently as good or better. I do think the coaches are gaining confidence in what White can do and have to feel better about White carrying the load if Henry gets nicked.

    It does amaze me however, and we have had this discussion many times before, how there is a tendency to think these guys can change in their level of talent and ability week to week or even year to year. Henry in the Houston game was the SAME guy who ran for 178 yards the game before. He didn't suddenly start to play at a lower level. He has proven when given room to run he can be effective. The same argument can be made for Brown. Brown isn't a different back than he was in 2004 (he might be stronger and even better). I have seen posts that actually say he will not be in the league after this year. The OL and play calling are huge factors concerning the run game as well as the defense you are playing. The running backs are probaly one of the more consistent parts of the whole system.
  4. The Mrs

    The Mrs Crush on Casey Starbucks!

    The chargers have a starting back that is set in stone. Fisher still is open to competition. That was made clear when Brown wasn't traded. Yeah, Travis is obviously the starter right now, but that could change with the wind blowing off the nasty little Metro Center pond!
  5. Childress79

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    He ran well but to anyone who has it taped or on Tivo, go back & look at the drive where he had the 19 yd run.

    His chest was heaving like a fish out of water. The dough boy can run be he's not in good enough cardio shape to carry the team.
  6. TNThunder

    TNThunder Guest

    Well, that is part of the problem. Rookies aren't always prepared for the NFL. In college you have 11-12 games, in the NFL you have 4 preseason and 16 regular season, in addition to playoffs. I think Lendale will realize this offseason he has to get in better condition for the long grind.
  7. zackmann

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    I too think Lendale needs to be on the field more...

    Especially on 3rd downs...from what I've seen this year Lendale is a far superior pass blocker than Henry...
  8. Sledge

    Sledge Guest

    You mean like last sunday?

    It was obvious he wasn't going anywhere, and yet, LenDale only got 7 carries? Of course we won so that was swept under the rug, but LenDale was doing it at 5 yards a pop, he should have left him in there...
  9. oilerstruck

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    Even with Henry's 2 big games, I would like to see LenDale take over. Henry struggled against Houston. LenDale came in and gave us a lift and should have remained as the RB for the day. However Henry was back in there a series later. The way LenDale was running, he could have easily had a 100 yard day.
  10. theprizdfighter

    theprizdfighter Newb to the 19.5°

    I agree, but I don't think we should cut Henry out completely; he didn't get the job done this week. I do think that LenDale deserves more time, but I don't think LenDale should take over. Henry should be the 1 and LenDale should be worked in more and more, and if LenDale gets to the point where he out does Henry then he takes over.
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