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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Architect, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    I am a vereran so I have had to put work/duty first.

    As a civilian I consider myself more a mercernary than a worker, that is I follow the $$$. My boss is willing to pay me double time and a half to work Thanksgiving - I'm there, period. My family can enjoy the food and festivities while I earn the $$$ that provides the food and festivities.

    LW, or any Titan, should be more concerned with the Titans during the season. If LW would rather be with his family than praticing then he needs to submit his retirement papers.

    Having said that it is the bye week and so big whoop that he visits family. Fisher don't care and neither do I. during the season visit family on tuesdays and get back to practice otherwise.
  2. dg1979us

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    Well the military is a little different. But the fact of the matter is that most jobs out there allow their employees to have a few days off for family illness. Especially since it is a bye week anyway. I just cant see this as a big deal. If he missed 2 weeks of practice I would be with you. If he missed practice to go a family members birthday party or something like that, I would be with you. But a couple of days during the bye week to see a sick relative, isnt a story at all IMO.
  3. LT21Titans27

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    Alright, im tired of the "family" excuse, the fact is he isnt going to see alot of action while Travis Henry is doing this good and while for some of us, we still think the season isnt over, is just another reason he isnt in, you bring in your unexperienced players when you cant win, when you want them to begin to develop, the titans arent at that point yet
  4. Bulluckfan

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    Note that seeing his family here is not just a desire to hang out. If his grandmother is dying, that's a whole different level of urgency. If you choose to make money rather than see a dying loved one, then I think you might want to rethink how important money really is. I don't think it compares to missing Thanksgiving.
  5. titansfan9

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    it may be his very ill grandmother, who raised him- reason why he sometimes had bad grades at USC, if thats the reason then you can't fault him,
  6. titansfan9

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    so are a lot of you saying that if someone very close in your family was dying, you be at work instead of spending those last precious moments with that person, and for last week to just have been the bye week it really doesn't make much of a difference, its not like he's missed that many practices, I mean he's played a good bit

    Family over Job- and if my employer is fine with that then that should be the end of it, which it should be in this case, but everyone has their own perspectives, and I respect that...
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