Lebron James is an idiot.

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Deuce Wayne, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Yea, no need to address the actual statistics that say that Kobe turns it over way more than LeBron in the clutch. Hearsay is more reliable.
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    Why the heck did he give them the tapes though?
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    Lebron is a woo-er plane and simple. He just woos shack and tried to woo trevor ariza. Who will he woo next? Does this make him GM? Will LeBron ever woo me?

    lots of wooin goin down today. some good wooin goin down in the nba

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    I'm going to be the neutral party in this discussion of if LeBron James is really an idiot or not.

    -First off let me say I like watching LeBron, he is exciting. If you cant appreciate that then that's a shame. But respecting his game doesn't make me biased towards him.

    -Everyone in anything can be beaten by someone else. We've seen the Michael Jordan's to the Tiger Woods get beaten. No one is perfect.

    -His team has been mediocre for years, and would be NOTHING without him.

    -He does miss opportunities at bad times.

    -Finally his name isn't God, he is 24 and will make mistakes. How we judge him shouldn't be based on some stats but rather how he bounces back from his blunders.

    Maybe my opinion isn't so neutral after all but I can certainly understand where his haters are coming from. I use to hate Kobe, but then got to know more about him the person and hes a pretty cool dude after all.

    Last thing I want to mention is that some of you guys out there seem to really enjoy making fun of LeBron, so how much can you really not like him. I for one don't think, talk or write about people I truly dislike. Maybe I'll drop a quick comment but not get into a debate.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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