League Conduct Policy Appears Arbitrary

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    Thanks....some good education/mitigation programs to be developed. The final point addresses the violation and penalty. By my reading of this he is tying this back to the Conduct Policy, which tells me (although I welcome a real attorney's view on this) that this is going to be at his discretion and not formally tied to an outcome in a case.

    This is partly a PR document IMO, as it seems that Goodell has been getting alot of heat from the Ray Rice decision. He basically says that he screwed up with it.
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    I don't mind the new system, as long as they don't jump the gun with it. Something like news breaking about a player being arrested for domestic violence and immediately suspending him only to find out two weeks later that his wife came at him with a knife(happened with Nick Harper).
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    Oh this is rich. Especially now that Goodell believes that due process should occur BEFORE the league steps in. This is the essence of ARBITRARY.

    Commissioner Roger Goodell, speaking Wednesday night during a youth event in Renton, Washington, said the NFL is closely watching McDonald's case after the institution of the league's new policy on domestic violence.
    But Goodell echoed Harbaugh, saying the league is waiting to get all the facts in McDonald's case and that any discipline under the new policy would not be applied until the legal system had run its course.
    "I think the first thing you have to do is let the process play out and get the facts and make sure you understand all the circumstances," Goodell said. "We don't right now. We obviously are following it very closely, but the policy we applied uniformly, players, coaches, executives, commissioners, I think we made that very clear in the policy."

    Goodell is such a f*ck nut. Where is the outrage that he is taking a 180 turn on his former ways?
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    If it were a different team, then he would already be suspended.
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    one thing to consider ... with the penalty being so harsh, it opens up the possibility of wives of NFL players to be much more hesitant to report domestic violence for fear of having their husband be banned for life, and losing out on a lot of money. This actually could have the reverse affect and put some women in more danger.

    Women have put up with abusive relationships for far less than millions of dollars. Id be willing to bet most NFL wives would choose to remain in an abusive relationship to keep financial security and a certain lifestyle. This makes it much harder for them to report any abuse.

    sad but true
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    not that goodell cares how many players beat their spouses as long as the nfl doesnt look bad.

    so this might actaully be a good thing from Goodells pov, he looks good for being so harsh like he cares, gets less reports of abuse so it looks like his plan worked
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