League Conduct Policy Appears Arbitrary

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by goTitans.com, Jul 22, 2007.

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    Your part of the dialogue may be over, but mine isn't. I won't yield to tactics of attrition and I'll avoid responding with insulting narrative. I have been respectful to your dissenting opinion and up until that last post you have kept your responses at a genteel level.

    MsTitan "gets" what you don't. Many others do as well, they just don't respond because you are blind to what it obvious to so many. Sure- Pac is not a model citizen, he has engaged in behavior offensive to many which has resulted in criminal and civil charges. Goodell has suspended him under the premise that guilt in the court of public opinion alone is sufficient to warrant a conduct policy violation. Apparently, only for Pac though, because already there are examples where Goodell could have enforced the same premises on others (Vick, Porter, etc) and he chose not to.

    Guilt in the court of public opinion alone sufficient to warrant a conduct policy violation. Sufficient enough to strip a man of his livelihood. Did Pac deserve it- SURE- IF HE IS TRULY GUILTY OF THE ALLEGATIONS. I, and many others, have no problem with that. But the league does not have the right to engage in the same type of justice used by lynch mobs and witch trials. NAMELY- GUILT IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION ALONE IS ENOUGH TO IMPOSE PUNISHMENT.

    You see the problem with bigotry is the recalcitrance to review one's own beliefs. The irrational defense mechanism that somebody just might be wrong. Our country was founded on principles to protect individual rights such as the right to a fair and speedy trial, innocence until proven guilty, and later protection of civil liberties were added to prevent unfair labor practices.

    You see, I believe, you hate Pac so much that you can't accept that he was unfairly treated by the league policy. In fact, you deny the obvious that the policy was not administered consistently. I have presented numerous logical explanations to demonstrate this to you, yet you still repeat the same arguments. You "ping-pong" logic when you debate. So, unfortunately, I must resign to myself that you suffer from bigotry. (Look up the definition). I have on numerous occasions proposed that we simply "agree to disagree" on the issue- yet you then respond spewing some form of argument that I logically dismissed SEVERAL times in posts previous.

    Pac- suspended BEFORE legal guilt.
    All others- suspended AFTER legal guilt.


    You want the last word- have it. I am done. For the benefit of the forum, I will stop responding to you on this topic and let the thread sink off of page one.
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    Vick was suspended as soon as the "word" was out. Why can't you grasp that? It just so happened the Feds moved quickly with Vick, so Goodell had no reason to jump in the middle of it all. Vick was suspended from training camp and preseason. Then it became obvious that he would go to trial or take a plea. In either case, it meant he would not be playing, which is what the NFL wanted, no matter how it was achieved. Goodell will still hand down sanctions in this case, no matter what the legal system does. There is just no reason at present for Goodell to hurry up and do anything. If you are concerned about fairness, you should be glad he is waiting to get all the facts in before he does make a judgement. Why you and Riverman continue to try and compare Vick to Pac is beyond me. Two entirely different situations and scenarios. Goodell certainly didn't rush with his dealings with Pacman either....as Pac amassed a long list of violations that come under the conduct policy. The Las Vegas incident was the proverbial "final straw".
  3. Hoffa

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    I think it was the number of "incidents" that got the Commisioner attention against Jones.
    If Vick had 9 incidents before the Federal Indictment came out, then I think he would have been suspended earlier. Just my opinion...
  4. TNThunder

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    Choices and actions are considered to be arbitrary when they are done not by means of any underlying principle or logic, but by whim or some decidedly illogical formula.

    So the commisioner of the NFL does business this way? It's incredible such a man with unfair practices got appointed to the position. You seem to have much more inside information on Pacman than the Titans or Goodell.

    For the 10th time (at least), the NFL conduct policy does NOT have to be administered AFTER proven guilt. Vick was suspended before guilt was proven, so you are mistaken....again. You can cite unfair labor practices until the cows come home, but the bottom line is, the NFL tells these players what is expected of them and how to conduct themselves if they want to play in this league. To simplify things for you....if you signed a contract to work for a company, and they told you that you must wear a suit to work everyday, and you didn't, and you were suspended or fired, would you sue them for unfair labor practices? The NFL makes it pretty clear what is expected of players, and unless you are just really stupid, it's not that hard to keep your job.
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    Actually they do have a right, but I wouldn't go so far as to compare the conduct policy in that manner. A company can write any policy it chooses, and as long as you are made aware of them before you sign a contract (which in essense says you will abide by those rules), then where is your complaint? If Pac thought the rule was unfair, he should have passed up the $6M, and looked for work elsewhere.
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    It's about time Goodell and his arbitrary house of cards come tumbling down.
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    5 year old thread bump.

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    its kind of sad how relevant this thread still is though.....
  10. Riverman

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    Bumped only because I'm happy to see Goodell getting his well deserved exposure. Tree are some players calling him a liar with the bounty gate "facts". The NFLPA requested he recuse himself which he reluctantly did when he had no other choice.

    (Btw- the thread necromancer card was an exceptional play. Well done. )
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