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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by thnom, Dec 29, 2005.

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  2. thnom

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    Jared Newberry on our PS:

    POSITIVES: Athletic linebacker with excellent range. Gets depth on pass drops, fluid moving laterally and easily alters his angle of attack. Displays a burst of closing burst speed and a good degree of suddenness to his game. Effectively uses hand technique to stay off blocks. Adequate job diagnosing the action and stays with tight ends or running backs in coverage.

    NEGATIVES: Slow shedding blocks and handled by opposing receivers. Possesses more of a burst of speed, which he cannot sustain. Inconsistent last season.

    ANALYSIS: Coming off a disappointing senior campaign, Newberry has moved from a potential first-day pick into the middle rounds. Possesses the measurables and playing style to be used at weak-side linebacker, and could eventually develop into a starter if he gets his game back on track.

    Oddly enough picked by the redskins, but he could be a guy with a fair bit of potential. Why havn't we elevated this guy from the PS instead of that DT for Calico, and given him a try?
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    I know this is off a bit, but it seems like I see alot of posts on here where people are saying "we should trade so and so, or let's sign him and then trade him"... stuff like that. Do you guys not follow the league? There are very few trades in this league outside of trading draft picks. It just doesn't happen that much. This is not fantasy football.

    That being said, I would rather spend less on a couple of young LBs with potential. It's not like we are missing just a couple of pieces to make a run at the SB. We need many, many players just to have a chance at competing in 2007 or 2008.
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    but there are more trades in the offseason, and we need to do some roster movements
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    Living in DC, i know what Lavar can do. he isnt too old and i belive his knee isnt a problem now. he still has a great passion for the game, and would make a great fit in Tennessee.
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    LaVar's salary next year will be 12.5 million with a 6.5 million roster bonus due July 15. LaVar says he may not play football anymore if the Redskins decide to cut him.

    "It's not a given that I'll continue playing if the Redskins get rid of me," Arrington says. "I don't really want to play for anyone else. I don't feel bad about it. I've had my time. I'm capable of doing other things besides football."

    Arrington is 27 years old.
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    he gonna give baseball a go or wrestling?
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