Lane Kiffin wants UT in Knoxville for 2011 opener; UT would rather play Sun Belt Team

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by World Peace, Jul 7, 2010.

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    The same way you can stick up for the SEC when they schedule Chattanooga Tech.

    Alabama and Florida both had highschool teams scheduled just a year ago that were far worse than App State.

    I don't claim UM schedules tough opponents. They're doing the opposite as we speak.

    The difference: I'm not a homer like 99% of SEC fans. (yeah, the only conference in any sport that actually bandwagons whatever team is best in their division... stupidest thing ever)
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    THere are far more examples. With the exception of Ole Miss and Miss State, every single SEC team has at least one opponent from a BCS conference team on their schedule this season, several have 2. Now, some are better opponents than others, but again, that is pretty much the same with every conference. I have no idea what some of you guys look at to come up with the garbage you spew, but it certainly isnt based around facts.

    And you cannot punish a team for scheduling a quality program, then 5+ plus years down the road that team is having a down period. OSU for instance big out of conference game this season is Miami. I think that is a quality game, despite the fact that Miami isn't the same Miami it has been in the past. But, I wont hold that against OSU, because they certainly made the effort. Michigans top OOC games are Connecticut and Notre Dame. Notre Dame is a traditional rival, but certainly not what they used to be. That is no different than Florida playing FSU however. And yes, Michigan has played Oregon recently. But, if you are going to give them credit for scheduling Oregon, then you cannot possibly argue that Tennessee doesn't make an effort, when they are also playing Oregon this year. Not to mention both Arkansas and Auburn have played USC in the recent past. Again, this notion the SEC doesnt schedule strong out of conference games, is not based on fact what so ever.
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    I'd like to see USC play Michigan but of course their division would accuse USC of having a weak out of conference schedule if they did that.
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    Didn't Michigan host Appalacian State in 2007 - THE University of Boone North Carolina - a Southern Conference team.
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    TitansErick has been/was completely owned throughout this entire thread. Would read again.
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    Is that the same kid?
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