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    I will say this I watched him struggle against KY and struggle against UCF. They play in a sub par conference and I have never seen the russell wilson like moves. Maybe I have not watched him enough but compare his stats to Johnny Football ( I know the guy is a turd) and it is not even close. I have liked many qb's I have seen play over Bridgewater. The fear on him is the competition and the fact he does not dominate against lack luster opponents. Which is Louisville schedule.
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    Kuharsky is that ******* on the internet that, in an argument, will resort to one thing to latch onto that he IS right about... whether the actual topic of discussion is in question or not.

    This is how it goes when he is wrong in the argument OR he is right, but losing the argument ANYWAY.

    He is that guy on the internet that goes after you grammatically about some single thing you said and will harp on that getting louder and more brash until you give up the argument. Therefore, in his mind, he "wins" the argument.

    OR... he will harp on one part of your entire argument that is "technically" wrong and won't discuss the main part of the debate anymore. He will just harp on that one thing and claim you are wrong and THAT makes the rest of your argument moot.

    I bet Kuharsky was on the Debate Team back in grade school and got constantly beat... and the person that beat him would proceed to have their way with him sexually. THAT is what Kuharsky sounds like.
  3. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.


    And boy what an amazing show that terrific QB put on, huh?!

    Yet again... Luck looks mediocre, but he was still talked about all game as if he's something special.

    I just don't understand it. He gets non-stop praise for being average...
  4. Gunny

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    He was probably talking about Fitz
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