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  1. avvie

    avvie It's another cold day in Hell Tip Jar Donor

    I've been really enjoying this game, but I have some good and bad news.

    Like I mentioned in another thread, I had reached a critical point that I could not overcome: sneaking past the tarantateks in an ancient Sith lord's tomb. After enough failed tries with many different approaches--including a cheat--the fun went away.

    I decided to backtrack and start over from Dantooine. Disposing of Krath hounds was much easier...I went on more of the side quests, such as The Stowaway and the Matele-Sandrel affair. I also decided to play as Light Side as much as I could.

    On Tatooine, I managed to settle the Tuscan raider problem peaceably...which lead to the surprise of having my party stripped down to their underwear for a bit. Hey, Bastila is a fine little hottie in Victoria's Secret! :brow: :ha:

    Talking to more people put me on the right path, and off to Manaan I went. I managed all of that one pretty well, and thoroughly.

    Next: Korriban. And here we go again.

    I'd been there once before in my first games, and Calo Nord kicked my butt repeatedly, so I left and tried Tatooine. I met him there and finally got him, then went back to Korriban and ran into that tarantatek snag mentioned above.

    So now I'm on Korriban for the third time. This time, Malak's apprentice has met me at the Sith valley entrance, and is kicking my butt repeatedly. I try different combinations, all the power-ups, etc, etc. I even try going and getting different party members, and that's when I make an important but painful discovery:
    All my party members outrank me in everything. My character is barely qualified to go outside without a helmet, much less carry a lightsaber. I got no business flying anything but the intergalactic short bus.
    I don't understand this...maybe it's supposed to be this way. But once again I'm stuck so badly that the fun is waning fast.
    Early in the game--on Taris and Dantooine--I used the automatic level-ups. After seeing what my needs were, I started choosing my own, and am dismayed to find that I only recieve three points per level-up :( That doesn't go very far. Now I'm on a planet full of Sith and bad creatures, can barely use a computer, couldn't repair a toaster to save my life, and am only slightly more intelligent than a sports bra. Yet, the Jedi Council put me in charge of saving the universe...don't you feel safe?

    Here on Korriban, I have a Jedi shortage problem. For starters, I'm completely inept, like I just said. Back on Dantooine, I couldn't convince Jumani to join me, so I had to julienne her sorry ungrateful azz. Bastila isn't allowed off the ship on this planet, which is fine because she's ALWAYS the first one down in any battle. (I actually take smug pleasure in that because she's such an arrogant itch. Someone should hack the game so that she gets stripped to her underwear every time she loses a fight.) That leaves me with Carth, Calandrous, and the Wookie....and they're bringing knives to a gunfight, so to speak.
    I think it's horribly unfair that the Sith can Force Whirlwind me, but I can't do any Force crap to them. I'm about to pull up a cheat screen and program Full Evil dark Jedi.
  2. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler


    what class of character did you choose ?

    you shouldn't be having any troubles with underlings
    and Bastilla is usually the last one standing in a fight

    make sure you don't have your combat settings on extreme or anything
  3. avvie

    avvie It's another cold day in Hell Tip Jar Donor

    I'm in normal mode, AFAIK.

    I don't understand the Bastila thing...I went through all the trouble of rescuing this superJedi, and she always gets hacked to death tout suite.

    My character is a soldier (6)/Jedi sentinal (8)...total level 14. Supposedly when in combat, the program generates random numbers to define the progress. What the manual doesn't say is that your numbers may randomly suck, and often; which means I look like I studied at the David Carr School of Martial Prowess:
    Attack: +1...Damage taken: 7
    Attack: Miss...Damage taken: 9
    Attack: Miss...Damage taken: 4
    Attack: Miss...Damage taken: 7
    Attack: +2 ...Damage taken: 9
    Attack: Miss...Damage taken: 16

    It's really quite irritating.
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