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    SUMMARY: With Erron Kinney and Ben Troupe out with injuries, Bo Scaife has been given the #1 TE spot. After 37 catches, a franchise record for a rookie tight end a year ago, Scaife now has 25 catches through 11 games this season. His second TD of the season was Sunday in the Titans comeback win over the Giants. He also has a 13-yard TD on a lateral. Being familiar with Vince Young and his tendencies from their playing time at the University of Texas is a major plus for Scaife. "It definitely has its advantages, especially when things break down," Scaife said. "One thing about Vince that he does when he is running is he keeps his head up and looking up field and that’s definitely a plus, because he’s ready to throw it at all times."

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    Did you see Vince on the sack when he was running forward? He literally had the ball in front of him looking to hand it off to someone before he went down. I will say one thing, he never gives up. Once players get used to him we are going to see some crazy things.
  3. Will always remember that 1 handed td catch...and then the fumble on the goalline...
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