Kendall Wright...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ColtKiller, Oct 2, 2012.

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    One TD in the 3rd and one in the 4th... the chargers game wasn't completely out of reach when he scored it
  2. The Hammer

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    I felt the same way. The trouble is all the good players at those positions were gone by the time we picked. Given the circumstances Kendall Wright was a good value pick. Escpecially if Kenny Britle keeps going the way he has. I was hoping for Mark Barron but his stock rose too high. Morris Claibourne would have been good too but was long gone. So was Luke Kuechly. Quiton Coples and Melvin Ingram were gone too.

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    You're garbage! Stop talking bad about my friend Kendall!
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    Do you dissect stats like that for everyone, or just the players you aren't crazy about? Because CJ had 55 yards in "garbage time" last Sunday. I bet you still count those toward his "141" though.
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    He was already doing good in that game. On the other hand wright was sucking something awful!
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  6. SawdustMan

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    Oh I see. LOL
  7. GoT

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    :cj: had a good game against a good team for the first time since 2009

    KW stonehanded until the zones became soft

    there is just no debating it.
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    I thought Kendall had a good game.
    6 catches, 71 yards, 0 TDs, 8 targets, 11.8 YPC

    He should of caught the TD pass on the first possession. It was a catchable ball, but would of been a decently difficult catch.

    I believe he only caught one bubble screen, Cook got blown up.. thus it was impossible for Kendall to go 2 v 1 to gain any yardage. He also had another 2 yard catch, that picked up a first down. No argument there. So without those two, he would of had 4 catches for 69 yards... solid.

    Two things I love about Kendall. #1: He's a firecracker and always seems to be energetic and giving full effort. #2: He knows where the first down marker is. He may only get a couple yards, but he'll get that first down.
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  9. Titans Insider

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    Titans rookie wide receiver Kendall Wright set a career best with 71 yards against the Steelers, breaking the 66-yard mark he set last Sunday against the Vikings.

    Wright’s total came on six catches, the big one a 35-yard reception over the middle that led the Titans to a tying touchdown in the fourth quarter.

    The first-round pick from Baylor leads all NFL rookies with 34 catches in six contests.

    Source: Titans Insider
  10. TheSureThing

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    he still leads the team in catches and 1st downs

    probably leads all rookies in those categories
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