Training Camp Kendall Wright still getting up to speed with Titans

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    First round pick Kendall Wright missed the first week of training camp, and there were times in Monday’s practice against the Falcons when it showed.

    There were also times when it was very clear why the Titans picked 20th overall in the NFL Draft.

    Wright made a handful of nice grabs while working against the Falcons, and no one can question his effort. The guy dives for anything in range.

    But Wright also made some faux paus, including one that led to one of two interceptions by Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel.

    “He made a couple of plays,’’ Coach Mike Munchak said of Wright. “A couple of plays there looked like there was some confusion on what he was doing with his route or how he was going to read the coverage and that’s where practice comes in. He has been here less than a week so we know we have a lot of work in a lot of areas, especially with a man like him. But he is excited and he comes back and he loves competing and that’s what makes it fun to watch him.”

    Wright just started practicing with pads on Saturday, so he’s still not up to speed yet. He admits this.

    He took the blame for Samuel’s interception.

    Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and Wright also weren’t able to connect on a ball in the end zone Samuel also intercepted.

    In time, Hasselbeck said those plays will come.

    “For sure, any young receiver is going to have those issues when the lights go on,’’ Hasselbeck said. “But both those were cover zero, which our defense had not done (in practices). So it was new. Cover zero, that’s one-on-one with no help. Those will be opportunities for whoever the quarterback and receiver are to make plays and those were two opportunities we had and didn’t capitalize on them. But we learn and move forward.”

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    Imagine if we had another super talented receiver that could never learn his routes properly lol

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    A week into camp, no biggie