Rumor Justin Hunter's Knee a Concern?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Fry, May 6, 2013.

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    Yea, last few guys have not done well with it. Might become Walter's jersey.
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    I didn't like his ACL history, especially in a WR deep threat type of guy. The drops were meh.

    HOWEVER, we have seen some remarkable recoveries from ACL's recently. (AP, etc) And this kid seems like a quality character guy. I'm less concerned than I was, especially after I heard him speak. His appears intelligent with a good work ethic. I'm expecting he will approach his responsibilities professionally which includes continued physical therapy.

    I no longer believe we are in a Calico 2.0 situation and I don't think that Britt will have much influence on Hunter. In fact, I think it may be the other way around.

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    I almost have to laugh when I hear "ACL recovery" because it becomes an enhancement after the rehab, your body improves.

    After Hunters procedure he was able to come back bigger stronger and faster, so recovery isn't the right word these days. Yea you have that initial few months were you're back to zero, but all it does is reset your ceiling.

    Doesn't Tommy John surgery catch some heat for making players better afterwards? Parents of 16 year olds now go to surgeons looking for the surgery even when the kids is perfectly fine.
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    Well, I'd hate to see you in a life threatening scenario in which you choose another hospital in the area over Vandy.

    Vanderbilt is ranked in the top 15 hospitals in the entire United States. They don't just hand those rankings out to random hospitals. There are patients who come from out of state just to be treated at Vandy because it's the best in the area.

    No idea where you're getting this notion that Vanderbilt sucks.

    FWIW, I don't trust doctors and refuse to take any medication unless it's an emergency. Vanderbilt would be one of the few hospitals I would trust... and I was born at Baptist.

    Trust me when I say Baptist sucks and Vandy is great.
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    Surgery doesn't always turn out like that.. it depends on how your body reacts to it, and how it rebuilds your ligament. Certainly there are positive examples, but look at our own Kenny Britt. His stats suffered this past season because of his knee. His surgery was over a year ago, but the swelling kept coming back. Britt was no where near 100% last year, and we can only hope that re reaches 100% in the future. He may never fully recover. Even Hunter was saying that his knee was still bothering him a bit at the combine. I never want anyone to suffer than type of injury.

    The fact that parents are taking their kids to get surgery to try to strengthen their ligaments is ridiculous. The theory makes sense but in reality, more of those kids than not will never get back to 100%, while a few may fully recover or become even stronger. The Pros like Adrian Peterson also have access to the best medical care in the world, unlike some 16 year old kid from a middle class family.
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    personal experience with vandy is where my comment comes from. that is all I need
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    First of all, tendons/ligaments are relatively avascular so there is little "re-build" involved. ACL surgical repair usually involves grafting part of the patellar tendon to replace the ACL- so you are down in your % of patellar tendon after the surgery. That creates a lot of re-alignment and redistribution of stress issues.

    Knee surgery isn't like a bone mending. Where the mended bone is more dense than the surrounding or previous bone. ACL surgery IS signficant. Not everybody can handle the redistribution process the same. Some guys just don't recover to their former self. Some do. Some are SO committed to physical rehab that they actually excel their pre-injury ability to perform.

    All relative and not absolute. Like all of medicine.
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    We wouldn't have drafted him without having team doctors check out his knee.
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    I trust published medical experts over your experience. Sample size my friend.

    You're also delusional to think any hospital is perfect whether it be Barnes-Jewish, St Jude, Vanderbilt, or Johns Hopkins.

    You may not agree but Vanderbilt is well respected across the world. Regardless of what beef you have with it.

    I was born at Baptist but I would choose VUMC over Baptist 8 ways from Sunday.
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    This isn't accurate at all.

    Tommy John can let you throw harder because the tendons in your elbow get so worn out that they pretty much stop functioning. It isn't necessarily a tear in the ligaments all the time. These weak tendons are replaced by stronger ones from the forearm or hamstring.

    I actually had this injury, but didn't have the surgery. My elbow still gives me problems.

    Essentially, these stronger ligaments help give support to the whipping motion of a pitcher.

    The ACL is a very strong ligament. The replacement is not any stronger than the original. Also, running and cutting is not an isolated motion like throwing a baseball. A new ligament, even with rehab, does not make the knee any stronger, faster, etc.
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