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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by crypta333, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Ensconatus

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    Well they both have a higher talent level in starters. But actual depth
  2. cdubbs2121

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    we love making excuses for guys with potential lol

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    Thats all fans
  4. Gut

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    Yes and no. Huge risk in the sense that if we don't do well, Munch and company get munched! However, one theme we've seen is that the Titans will NOT throw away another season due to a rash of injuries. Consequently, we have great depth at many positions so I think in a lot of ways, hunter fits the bill! He's a great prospect for next year at least, can be a weapon in the red zone and threaten on go routes and causes size/speed matchup problems. In short, if he can contribute this year and beat out talented guys in front of him, GREAT! If he can't, we could still potentially use him situationally to our advantage for what he's already good at, but at worst he's great insurance. Preston too! Additionally, I could see Nate and Britt and even possibly DWill leaving so Hunter and Wright could be our mainstays next year and beyond!

    The real downside is who could we have gotten instead at that spot who would make us better right now or might be more important for the future? The only positions the Titans could have drafted with expectations of that player playing this year would be DE (Carradine or Moore), ILB (maybe start or depth if McCarthy wasnt ok) or C (which we drafted a couple rounds later). Lots of depth and potential starters in a year or 2 and we took one of a few positions we could possibly need. With a young QB, it makes a lot of sense to make sure he has the weapons because 2 seasons from now, Locker will be what he's gonna be. Perhaps a Carradine or Moore could have made more of an impact then Hunter since we are stacked at WR, but he's a good choice also, assuming he pans out of course!

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  5. TitansWrath

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    I think we should have Wright as return man, and cut reynaud.
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  6. GoT

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    I just want ReyBAD cut period.

    should not have been on the roster week 1
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    @jwyattsports WR Justin Hunter is expected to make his #Titans debut after being one of the team's inactives last week

    @jwyattsports Justin Hunter is the first #Titans receiver on the field. He's catching passes from QB Jake Locker

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    I agree with all of this, but just want to add 1 point ...

    People keep asking why draft Hunter for next year if the staff needs wins now ... but I think they forget that its not the coaching staff that drafted him. It was Webster. Webster is not in any hot water at all IMO no matter how this season turns out. So from his POV, it is a good move for the future.
  9. DownSouthPlayer

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    I like Hunter, Britt and Wright. But with a QB who throws about 175 yards a game, all the WR's are useless. All you need is a CJ and a TE to get those numbers.
  10. mike75

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    I think things might've been a lot different had Mariani not got hurt again.In fact i thought Mariani was a great returner and he was always got us pretty good field position.I guarantee that we wouldn't have given up 2 points if Mariani had been playing.I am not a fan of Reynaud at all and wish they would groom an eventual replacement.
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