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    Ben Roethlisberger in a NFL Champion, yet he looks lost and confused out there this year.

    Point is; nobody knows how far Jake can take this team based off 2 games vs top defenses.
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    I agree Alex. I don't know why Kenny gets all the praise he gets. Hes shown me nothing over the years as to why they have had him on a pedestal. Time to work the new guys a bit.
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    Yeah b/c I've clearly stated that before lmao
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    I don't understand why a player's contract is such a big deal. Pleayers who get paid peanuts don't normally get credit for out producing their contract. No one ever mentions that. In fact when they demand to be paid what they deserve fans get all butthurt.

    The only time how much a guy makes should be a factor is if they are not putting forth the effort. Sometime you do the best you can and come up shor, it's a fact of life. Griping about how Haynesworth handled his big contract makes sense, bitching about CJ's seems petty to me. I am a Titans fan but I find it very hard to not also be a fan of the players. The two seem pretty linked to me.
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    I'm saying put the team before the players.

    3.3 yards per carry and 0 TDs. Give me CJs $ and let me hire better personnel in other positions and let Battle or some free agent scrub average 3.3 yards and 0 tds for the Titans. We'd be better off.

    CJ needs to step it up or he is more of a hindrance to the team due to this contract (opportunity cost).
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    You do realize that CJ still mandates having 8 men in the box right? Even if he's not running will, his effects are being felt. At least he's running more consistently, and not having those 30 yard games so far. Once we get Greene back, it will help the entire offense.
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    CJ isn't dancing around as much as the new Rb coach is coaching him to go up the field! He hasn't had many negative yards as hes diving for the extra yard. We faced two defenses that does not believe in our pass and put 8 in the box and blitz yet CJ is still finding what he can get. It isn't pretty but if this offense could have a legit passing game then CJ wouldn't see so much 8 in the box. Having a predictable offense doesn't help as well.

    I feel the pain of him avg 3.3 but when you simply do not have a threat in the passing game, you simply can't expect great things in the run. However, against the texans in the first half CJ was popping 5 yard a carry till second half Texans adjusted and killed the run game for us. Making us pass but at times Titans would just run even with it being so predictable.

    Anyways, this is a Justin Hunter thread. Lets talk about him :beerbang:
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    If you honestly think Battle and some other scrub would have done much better against the two defenses we just played then I'm not sure what to tell you. I know you don't like CJ but he's run for 80 yards against Pitt, and 97 against Houston. He's currently on pace for 1,416 yards this season after facing 2 of the toughest defenses he will see.We only have one rushing TD because we are rarely ever in the redzone or on the right side of the 50 for that matter.

    He's already on pace to be better than his last 2 seasons. Hating on him now when there are much bigger problems on this team makes it seem like you have something personal against him like a few other fans do probably due to him holding out a few years ago.
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    They need to put Britt's ass on the bench permanently and let Justin Hunter get some playing time to show what he can do.I think once he gets some playing time Hunter could do better than what Britt is doing.
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