Justin Blackmon suspended 4 games

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Smash, Apr 30, 2013.

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    And again... Be thankful we took KW fellow fans!
  2. mike75

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    We will be back on track this season especially with it being our 15th anniversary.Our 10th anniversary we had the best record in the league and could've made a run at the super bowl.We've had some really good years here we've already been to a super bowl,made the league's best record twice and we are in the top ten overall in win/loss since we started.

    There are teams like Cleveland or even Detroit that have never even made a super bowl and they've been around forever.Also teams like Jacksonville,Arizona,Carolina,Kansas City,etc. that don't seem like they will ever turn the corner.When i look at those teams i am really glad i am a fan of a team that does have a chance each and every season.

    Bottom line like i said we are top ten in win/loss in our first fifteen years.We've created great memories here like the Music City Miracle,been to the super bowl,we've had some great players including the best running back in the game Chris Johnson not to mention we just drafted one of the best linemen to come out of the draft in a decade.This team has got a very bright future ahead especially after free agency and the draft.I think we are building a winner for the long term.
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    We are technically one of the older teams in the league, oilers included. and the franchise has been to one super bowl, which they fluked their way into. Going to one superbowl in 60 or whatever years (47 Super bowls) is not really a point of pride over the teams that have never been. We have sucked marginally less than they have.. and you'd think these teams would be able to dumb luck their way into a superbowl win in half a century.. but no dice. The Panthers made it to one in their first decade of existence.

    It's absolutely pathetic that the Oilers/Titans have never won a Super Bowl. Just because a few teams suck worse does not make our plight easier. It's like being a homeless american and saying "well, at least I don't live in Cambodia."
  4. Super-PAT

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    You still have as many AFCE championships as the Jets...
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    Here's a fun idea. We trade Britt for the third rounder we traded. He can be there for the games Blackman is suspended for, and if Britt gets suspended, Blackmon can be there to cover.
    Betweeen the two of them the Jags can have a really good reciever/recievers. . . .
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    Jags could always sign Tebow to come in and play WR. haha

    just kidding by the way
  7. RockyTop Fox

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    Too bad we'll still probably split with them.. oh I hope to God we don't.

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    We better not, we should sweep them
  9. Ghost

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    that has to be the most expensive drug test in history. 7 mil down the ****ter. What a dumb****.
  10. steverife

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    When people on here were talking about trading up for him, this is why I didn't want to do that...

    With that said, I think he is the real deal on the field.
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