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    Locker room rumblings like Verner in so many words hinting that the defense is too soft, or Jared Cook saying that the coaching staff essentially has no clue as to what they are doing, he said he was going to have to get assurances from the coaching staff before he signs any long term deal....Chris Johnson was very concerned in the same way. That doesn't exactly put the staff in a very favorable light. Are there any other organizations that find their players feeling that same way?

    If that's not enough, what about our GM going out of his way to tell us that the team has no identity or direction....To me, and I know not everyone agrees, that responsibility falls on no one but the HC.

    Couldn't disagree more on the Hasselbeck thought.....if we start him from the outset, it's an even gloomier season. But that's neither here nor there. I'm just glad he's not our starter anymore.

    Your last paragraph proves my point, I don't think that's how a HC should be defined. I don't see any other way of measuring his contribution, output or value other than comparing him to the best coaches in the league, especially when our team is not winning. I don't even know what "keeping the team in order" exactly means. Only when the HC is disconnected from the play of the team on the field are the coordinators the one's to look at first. I don't want my HC being completely transparent in that manner....he should shape the team, give them a direction, and an identity that is able to be clearly defined. He should have a system and hire coordinators who fit in that system, currently Munch's system is whatever the coordinators say it is. To me, that's completely contrary to the way, for example, the 49ers or Seahawks are run. If Greg Roman leaves the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh is going to run that same system that fits Kaepernick so well. If Dowell Loggains is fired we're running a completely different system subject to the coordinator we hire. I don't think that's the right way to be going about things. Because in this instance Munchak is transparent and is of no real value that is tangible on Sundays. Munch has to establish at the very least some parameters of a system that fit Locker and the rest of the personnel on the team on both sides of the ball.

    In the current state of the league, to ultimately be a Championship team....the HC has to be the guiding hand and have the greatest influence. There are just too many good coaches in the league currently that know exactly what they want out of their team on Sundays and know how to get it regardless of the coordinators....Munch hasn't a clue. Or at least he's been keeping it secretive for the past two years.
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    Your first question. Yes the steelers locker room is in shambles.

    2nd hass won what? 2/3 of our games? What did we win 6 total? You sure about that? I'm in no shape saying he was going to take us to the top. I'm just saying locker needed time in the game to experience it.

    3rd I don't think munch is on the level of high tier HC's. he knows the o line. That's it. The good to great coaches normally play more than just the HC role. They normally dabble on play calling or scheme or something along those lines. Munch won't.

    I'm not defending him at all. But he gets this next season to make me a believer that something good came from it. I'm 40/60 against that happening.
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    Jake won four, Hass won two. Does Hass win the Lions game? Does Jake lose the Bills game?
    I really don't think it matters, because Hasselbeck at this point, couldn't be relied upon as the starter, if even only due to his not being healthy for the majority of the season, as a result of his age. At the very worst, Jake gives us as good a chance to win as Hass does, and that's not saying much. We have a loosing season this past season no matter who got the nod.

    "Munchak knows the O-line, that's it"....at least you're being honest. Sounds like the grounds on which to base your next HC hire off of, doesn't it. It's not at all encouraging, but it's the hand we've been dealt by Bud.....this team is going to have to do the most they've ever done in free agency and they're going to need to draft as well as they ever have in their history in order to have a shot at the playoffs next year.....go get 'em Ruston.
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    Yea I'm not trying to over exaggerate the fact that he's a great or a terrible HC. But I'm just taking it for what it is. Probably a bottom tier hire for a HC. Can he win? Maybe. Will he lose? Probably.

    Ruston is the only person in our FO that I do really like.
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    I think Ruston Webster is by far the best thing this team has going for it. If we lose next year, they shouldn't completely clean house; It'd be a mistake to send him packing with Munch and Co.
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    My thoughts exactly on that.
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    You're a true avenger for the gotitans message board. Crushing weak threads not to your liking and dispelling whiny bitches.

    It wasn't feel a whiny thread it was more of me saying how excited I still am to be a Titans fan even after the Jake Locker/ Munchak debacle the past two years. Not really anything whiny about that. Again you must be very pro munch and I'm not sure why. The guy looked absolutely F'n clueless when we were getting 40+ hung on us multiple times and ALMOST losing two games we were in complete control of in the final minutes.

    I enjoy and expect dominant teams.

    You like whiny ***** teams that go 9-7.
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    Find anything I've said pro Munch outside of "he should get one more year" or "one more year playoffs or bust".

    You have the right to be a whiner and I have the right to laugh at you. Welcome to the internet.
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    Even if you do believe that, he did have a major role in developing Jake. I guess he just decided to skip that step all together. Smart move.

    Munchak was given a quarterback that can't be developed.

    Who do you think notifies the FO of player needs? Munch and Bruce thought they could coach up anybody. So they didn't label the o-line a big need. They thought they could get by with players playing out of position, old washed up vets, and coaches' relatives. smart move.

    Ahhh, ok, so supposedly Munch and Matthews didn't "notify" the FO of player needs? Really? As if the Front Office doesn't know it already? They had one of the worst run blocking offensive lines in 2011. The responsibility ultimately lies with the front office to fix that problem.

    Right, because Munch has no responsibilities as HC. Let's just shift the blame to others when things go wrong. The FO, the coordinators, and the players.

    lol. You're reaching. To say that Munchak doesn't deserve all the blame for the FO personnel decisions doesn't mean that he has "no responsibilities as HC." Just don't expect a miracle from Munchak when he is given a quarterback destined for NFL mediocrity.[/quote]
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    :biglaugh: wow. Is this a joke? I can't tell.
    Munch said that Jake was the one he wanted. He compared him to Jim Kelly.
    So you can watch Jake play, and honestly say that there is nothing there to work with?
    I guess you're a little right, in that Munch needs a 100% developed NFL ready pro bowl QB. He couldn't develop Aaron Rodgers if he wanted to.

    No, I'm sure they labeled it as a need, but they obviously didn't put as high of a priority on it as they should have. If Munch would have gone to Ruston and Reinfeldt and said that we had to have Wells or Myers last year, then one of them would have been a Titan. They wouldn't have just stopped at Hutch and called it good. They didn't even draft a single o lineman. They would rather do Bruce a favor by keeping Kevin on the team. I realize Reinfeldt was terrible at player evaluation, but Ruston knows what he is doing. There is no way he blows right through FA and the draft with only picking up one washed up guard if Munch had not told him that he could make it work with what he had. Munch himself downplayed the o line problems in interviews last off season.

    So coaches are only successful when given pro bowl players? You're crazy if you think Munch has nothing to do with the process of acquiring players. Who do you think talks to all of these free agents that we have in? It's a collaborative effort. These are group decisions. The whole "look what Munch was given" excuse is getting old. You act like he has no control over anything or any responsibilities. You act like all he is responsible for as a HC is to sit back and make sure things are in order. Like making sure that the break room is always stocked with the proper amount of bagels. That's quality control that you're thinking of, I think. Munchak is the Head Coach of our team. The one that is supposed to be the most qualified coach on our team, and is supposed to know more than his subordinates. The one that is supposed to mold this team around his vision and philosophies. The one that is supposed to establish a system and hire coaches to fit and implement his system. I could see why people might think that those things aren't his job, seeing as how he has done NONE of those things since he has been here.

    It may be totally different this year, but I'm not giving him a pass for what he's done, or hasn't done so far.
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