Just another reason why condensed formations suck.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PRAY IV M3RCY, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Spread dictates a defense play the coverage - whereas condensed leaves the door wide up for "slack defenders" - or points that are purposely intended to make the QB feel it's coming from that way
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  2. Oilers27

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    When you lose everything and everybody sucks.
  3. TitansWillWin2

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    we have a lot of ppl moving in motion that allows mariota determine if it's man or zone before he snaps it. This is huge for him. Makes his reads easier. And without his reads he's not very good. He's not one to sit back there and scramble and try to buy extra time for a pass. He goes read 1, read 2, then throw it away.

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    thats good tho, rookie year he was holding the ball too long, now he gets rid of it and lives to see another play

    PRAY IV M3RCY Starter

    I thought he did a superb job all gane of buying time in the pocket when it started to collapse.
  6. RealestWhiteBoy

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    Is that defense really disguised? Looking at it, I would guess it's man with a single high safety ... what's the disguise? The only only question would be if the LB standing between the 2 down linemen is actually coming or if he'll drop out to a middle zone.

    How else would you read that defense, other than this:
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  7. MariGOATa

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    were you drunk when you made this thread?!..

    Condensed formations is meathead football. Just like goal line formations.

    Worst. Thread. Ever.
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    This is far from worst thread ever
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    I think he flashes in that department. He's not like Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, or even someone like Alex Smith (whom people like to try and compare him to) caliber when it comes to evading a rush, where you just expect it through out the game.

    I half agree with TWW2 on this subject. For a QB as athletically gifted as Marcus is, you think he'd be able to roll out outside the edge or sneak out of the pocket more often to buy time than he currently does.

    I see so many plays where he just stands there and rushes a throw and I see Conklin pushing his man to the inside of the pocket when he could of rolled outside or stepped inside where a defender was being pushed far wide.

    Which is a shame, cause over the off season I went and watched a bunch of his college film, and would see him make plays out of nothing. I know its college and the PAC-12 defenses, but you saw the talent was there. He literally was the X-factor on that offense. How many of those players he made look like stars on that team are anything in the NFL? Players like DeAnthony Thomas who hardly see the field on a team like KC who has been lacking offensive play makers the past few seasons.

    Just to then later read an article on Jason Michael and the rest of the staff pretty much telling him to not do that. Just get rid of the ball and live to see another down.

    Which is fine, I get that. Sometime a play isn't there to be made.

    But this staff is so vanilla and bland. I wouldn't put it past them to tell that to a dynamic dual threat QB that could buy an extra 3-4 seconds and try to lead a guy open for a big play. But it's Mularkey and Co. Just better to eat the play, punt/kick a field and only take chances like doing a ****ing onside kick to start the season.
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