Jerry Gray dodges Texas Tech questions

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    Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray didn’t provide any definitive answers on Friday on whether he actually interviewed for the Texas Tech head coaching job earlier this week.

    During his weekly media availability on Friday, his explanation on the subject only fueled more questions.

    A television station in Lubbock, Texas, reported earlier in the week that the school interviewed Gray before hiring Kliff Kingsbury. Gray, a native of Lubbock, Texas, wouldn’t confirm or deny it, and he steered clear of any specific questions on the topic on Friday.

    Gray noted his long-standing relationship with the school that dates back 10 years. And he acknowledged he told friends at the school to call Munchak, presumably so he could get official permission to interview.

    But Gray said the officials who conducted the coaching search never called.

    “I asked them to call my head coach, and they didn’t call him. I asked them, and they didn’t call him. So guess what? They weren’t serious,’’ Gray said.

    Gray declined to answer specifically whether he interviewed with Texas Tech officials about the job, however. He repeatedly told reporters: “Let’s move on to the Jets. Let’s move on to the Jets.” On Thursday, Munchak was vague when asked if Gray interviewed for the job.

    “My deal is I have a great job here,’’ Gray said. “We are trying to win games and we are trying to get stuff done and that is what we are trying to concentrate on for Monday night.”

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    lmao this bum thought he was out of Tenn, not professional at all and didn't even contact Munchak and thought he could have left him in the dust. Now he's stuck hurting our team and it's just bad for everyone.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    Today Jerry Gray is the least of my concerns.