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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JCBRAVE, Apr 12, 2012.

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    For some reason Brockers always slips my mind. Brockers kinda scares me though, I feel like he would be feast or famine.
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    This thread is incomplete without some Jerel Worthy game tape.

    [ame=""]Jerel Worthy vs Georgia - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]Jerel Worthy vs Ohio State - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]Jerel Worthy NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season - YouTube[/ame]
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    You've sold me on Worthy JCBRAVE. I've seen this guy a couple times vs UoI and the UGA vs Mich St Bowl Game, and he stuck out... never though about him as a 1st though. Doing a little more YouTubing, he looks like he could be an elite DT.

    With the resigning of Ball, i'm thinking Titans may not be looking DE first. Douzable, Morgan, Wimbley, Ball, Egboh, and Sheppard are all DEs on our roster (that are worth mentioning) right now. The 1st 4 I listed is a decent rotation. Morgan is finally healthy, if he shows up a 1st round DE is needed. But then look at our DT depth: Casey, Klug, Smith, Marks, Clayton. Casey is legit, Klug isn't a starter, and Smith/Marks are eh. Add in Worthy and then a mid round DE and we're set.

    Jerel was my #3 DT behind Cox and Still. He's moved up to #2 now. I think our 1st rounder is coming down between DT, CB, and WR.
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    Is Worthy really that much better than Mike Martin?

    Martin has a more explosive core if you look at the combine numbers.

    College production wise playing in the same league Martin has a bunch more tackles than Worthy and just as many sacks and TFL.

    I'm just not convinced that the 2nd or 3rd best DT is that much better than the 8th or 9th best DT.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. Worthy is good no doubt about it but I'd rather have Martin in the 3rd as opposed to Worthy at 20. I do, however, think Cox will be a special interior pass rusher so if he were on the board at 20 by some miracle I'd be really happy.
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    I like Worthy and Martin so it would be hard for me to argue passing Worthy if we get Martin later on but I think both will be good.

    Lets just get Luke Kuechly, Chandler Jones, and Mike Martin in the first 3 rounds trade a fourth for Samuel and call it a draft. :)
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    Sounds like a plan, make it so! :)

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    I hate to use the word "safe" when talking about Worthy, but I know this kid will go out every day and get better, and will be there for us 16 games a year.

    Someone like Poe, IDK if he's committed, same with Coples. And Brockers and Cox won't be there at 20 so no point in talking about them.

    Jerel Worthy is IMO the 2nd best DT so should be a no brainer.

    I hope we don't lose out by trading back, cause I'm not the only one who sees this guy as a steal.
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    I could see Brockers there at 20. I've calmed down on Cox I feel he is a little light and gets pushed around a little bit at the POT plus he said he isn't an emotional guy? I hate guys with no emotion.

    I like Worthy probably as much as Brockers and could see the FO pull the trigger on Poe if he is there cause of his potential would I love it no but I can see the reasoning with his skill set.

    Brockers/Worthy would be my two choices with Poe a dark horse if there if we are going to take a DT

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    This comment makes me think back to 2002 when Ryan Sims was the first DT taken.

    John Henderson, Wendell Bryant, and Albert Haynesworth all followed, but after them there wasn't a DT taken for 100 picks. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th DT's were all better but there's no way the 5th through 17th guy were even close.

    BTW that was also considered a great DT class by the experts.

    All these guys have the size and strength to play, but what sets the great ones apart are whats going on upstairs. With Jerel Worthy you're getting a pro, and not just some fat azz that can run.