Jared Cook out?

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    I know what youre saying, but thats just it, Cook isn't a traditional TE, he shouldn't be asked to play off the Tackle, line his butt up outside by the numbers or in the slot. He's a match-up nightmare.
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    Man, I actually think Thompson has a good shot at becoming an impact player, but reading all you guys makes me feel like a huge outsider. It was his first year at TE and I saw flashes of huge potential. Am I really that crazy?

    I think the Titans should tag Cook and move forward with the plan of 1) keeping him for one more year as they transition to Thompson or 2) trading him for a pick they can use on his replacement. That said, I think they might actually just let him walk because he clearly doesn't want to be here and he might be a guy who causes distractions.
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    He is living in fantasy land if he thinks he can get that

  4. Ensconatus

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    Yea for sure but you have to be able to put him on the field in situations and still be able to run it.

    We have to use him correctly. Hopefully the new o coordinator figures that out. I bet we tag him. We spent a 2nd and a third on the guy... Can't be letting that walk away
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    Good points.
    This is what many of you are missing. Cook is the type of guy you don't try and plug into a spot he can't succeed at. You won't see the Pats playing Hernandez in line will you? So you can hope, wish he was something he is not or you can design plays were you get a mismatch and take advantage of the guy. Cook is 6'5, 250 pounds with a 40 inch vertical and oh, he runs a 4.5 40. So what if he isn't some road grader as a blocker. If there was a raw WR coming out with his measureables people would be al over the guy.

    The other thing is we used a 3rd round pick on him that we gave up a 2nd round pick to get, developed him a couple of years to were he was productive and now when he is ready to bust out we let him walk? Sorry Crave but 6 mil for one year on the franchise is cheap. Especially since Thompson is obviously a year away or more.

    The other thing is Thompson is not like some mirror image to Cook. Thompson is actually a better version of Stevens. He is a decent blocker who needs a huge amount of work on his passing game. So there may actually be room to have both on the team. If we can get both of them on the feld together a whole book of play options and mismatches can open up. Again, watch the Pats.

    So assuming we franchise Cook maybe then we re-evaluate and decide to cut Stevens loose and keep Cook and Thompson. Beisdes, from what I saw Cook is good for Locker. It hurt Locker when Cook was injured. Cook makes plays. Isn't that what we want?

    Now also we should clear up a few miscinception about Cook. One, the guy is a good pass catcher. Sure like anybody he drops an occasional pass but for the most part he is solid in that category. 2nd, he sin't inconsistent. It isn't like he is getting 20 balls a game thrown his way. Inconsistency has been at QB and in the run game which translates to punting the ball. And finally, as stated above, we need an OC who can take advantage of the guy. You dn't burn the Browns for 80 yards with the guy and never see that play again the rest of the year. If we are going to go more vertical with Locker Cook needs to stay. At least one more year.
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    Cook makes some good catches but drops far too many that hit him in the hands. That is definitely inconsistency in my book.

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    Youre a TE hater, you hate Stevens, you hate Cook, I bet you even hate Thompson.
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    Thompson sucks
  9. Alex1939

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    lol you are right!

    But it's more that I hate that Stevens cost us a 3rd round pick, Cook cost us a 2nd round pick, and Thompson was a DE in college.
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    I said elite!

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