Jake Locker to this point... (ongoing)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Your assessment of Fitz is poor to say the least. There is a reason the bills dumped him while under contract. Why would they give up such a super stud passer for nothing?

    Could it be Fitz's 77 career passing rating and the fact the bills never won with him? You say he throws a pick "every blue moon". Yes all 81 of them coming every blue moon.

    In the meantime let's dismiss a QB based on 13 starts as a total waste of a draft pick!

    Incredible. The second string QB is always popular among the less informed fans.
  2. TheSureThing

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    no. It's average, that's the problem.
  3. TitansWillWin2

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  4. Kaeotik

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    True. This is not something you give up on a young QB over though. In fact, it might be the most correctable problem a young QB could have. Jake hasn't gotten over it yet, but he will absolutely improve (how much remains to be seen) with more experience. He just got experience against 2 of the best blitzing teams in the league and came out 1-1. he's improving. Relax. Believe.
  5. SawdustMan

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    Also, I've seen a few people bring up the OC/playcalling "handcuffing" Jake. Anyone else think perhaps there could be a reason behind that? If they believed Jake could successfully throw it all over the field with any kind of consistency, I tend to think they'd be allowing him to do so.

    All we talked about all offseason long was how we have one of the most talented WR groups in the league. How much our OL is improved. How Loggains couldn't possibly be worse than Palmer. How Jake is finally healthy. How there's zero excuses now. Yet here we are, making excuses. "It's the playcalling" "They were tough defenses" etc etc etc.

    It's frustrating. He needs to step his game up this coming Sunday and this time around there are literally no excuses. He's at home. And the Chargers are allowing a LEAGUE HIGH (<- as in the MOST, as in WORST in the entire damn league) 375.5 passing yards per game.
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    I'm sorry but no it isn't.
  7. RollTide

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    I averaged his ratings in his 2 games to come up with my number which i think is a better assessment of his play.

    But you are right that is terrible so i guess the Giants and the Patriots need to be replacing their pos QBs then? Jake's "terrible" QBR is better than Eli and Brady. Also better than Flacco and RG3.
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    if he doesn't do well vs the chargers, I would say that would be the end to the jake locker experience for the titans
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    I'd rather my QB do not take hits like the one Moise Fokou handed to Schaub on the play after the BS roughing the passer by Pito.

    This play:
    1-10-TEN16 (8:39) 8-M.Schaub pass incomplete deep left to 88-G.Graham [53-M.Fokou].

    Go back and watch it.
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    Locker missed a gimme pass yesterday just after driving the team 99 yards with his arm. He has to be accurate with the easy stuff. That's concerning. That tells me he's no where close to being the QB the Titans need to take them to the next level.

    I think the question should be whether or not he can become the QB the Titans need. Is the potential there?

    The sample size we have is too little to make a good judgement, IMO. You hope to see major improvement but he's faced two solid defenses on the road.

    Most QBs don't play well on the road against good defenses. Just as Kaepernick. No turnovers in such an environment is important. But he's been, IMO, very average overall.

    In three week, if we're still having these discussions, I begin to really get concerned.
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