Jake Locker to this point... (ongoing)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. ColtKiller

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    A couple things that I really enjoyed from Jake today. First of all, his escape-ability. He had the great runs including a 40 yarder and a TD, but him running out of the pass rush, extending the play, and delivering the ball for positive yards is what I really like to see from him. He did that several times, and it just takes the wind right out of a defense when they think they have a sack and it turns out to be a first down.

    Jake also had a rough first quarter. We weren't moving the ball well, we had several drops, dumb penalties, hadn't established the run (yet), and punted from our end zone several times. It looked frighteningly similar to last week. Then Jake stepped up. He was out there making plays, hitting receivers, and moving the defense back off the line. After that CJ had just 1 or 2 bad runs the entire remainder of the game.

    Accuracy was better. That throw to Hunter...perfect. Read the man coverage and delivered a high, jump ball to the front piline. That's exactly how you exploit a size mismatch in the end zone. That was coming off of a perfect throw to Delanie Walker which somehow almost got intercepted. He had several overthrows though, and that sideline pass to Nate could have gone yard if he threw it inbouds. Nevertheless, he made the throws he had to make, and HE bailed out a receiving corps that by and large let him down with several drops.
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  2. ColtKiller

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    Didn't look like it to me. Kenny Britt was absolutely interfered with on that near TD play.
  3. Pacman 4 HoF

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    jake locker is nothing more than a white vince young. He'll get people excited about him, he'll win some games while getting carried by luck and the defense. People will hop on his nuts and become delusion over him. But the reality of it is, he is not a good passer right now.

    hopefully, he can improve.
  4. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    Says the guy who wanted to trade for Michael Vick. Talk about a guy who has done nothing but get people excited only to let them down his entire career.
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    He will improve, which is why hes not VY.
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  6. Rudad

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    Jake has grown this year. He played well today. Titans played stupid with so many penalties and missed FG and such. I take the W and the way Jake played but we have to clean up our act. Kenny Britt needs to just go. No excuse for the game he had. Our defense played better after the first drive. 2-1 and tied for first. I going to be in da house next week for the jets.
  7. Darryl_Licht

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    Some of you forget that this is only Jake's first year as a starter. Last year he was still being tutored by Hasslebeck. He's still young and still gets a lil too excited; as was evident today with several over throws and high passes. Luckily, no INTs to date!

    Jake will improve and so will his confidence in his teammates!

    We need to stop making dumb penalties, @ halftime today we had over 100yds in penalties! That hurt... we should have been way ahead of the Chargers late in the game, but penalties and BLIND refs prevented that! In the end, a W is a W!

    We will be tested in our next 3 games and 2 very potent offenses:
    Jets - 2-1 (Not too worried)
    Chiefs - 3-0 (POTENT, but our house)
    @ Seahawks 3-0 (LOUD & POTENT)
  8. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    This may be Locker's best game start to finish in terms of throwing, running, poise, decision making, and showing improvement in a lot of areas.

    I was mentioning what he needs work on and he showed a lot of improvement in several of those areas! Most critically was reading the defense on the last drive. On our side of the field he took the underneath stuff and marched down. He made a perfect throw to Walker who dropped it. While most people will complain he missed DWill in the endzone, this DECISION is what he didn't make in the Steelers game. He read the S jumping on the Other WR and threw DWill open (over threw him) but the anticipation of those plays is a big step forward. Also recognizing that we'd have Hunter locked up single coverage and that is the right play to make and he gave him a perfect jump ball for the TD. Again, read what the defense was doing and made the right decision (and throw)! He also made several great runs......especially the first long one to energize the crowd and change field position!

    It's not the end all be all, but back to back 90+ qb rating means you're doing something right!

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  9. Gut

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    While his stats were impressive, they are even more so when you factor in the 6 plays where he delivered strikes and the ball was ruled out of bounds (Nate even though he got 2 feet in and caught it), ruled incomplete on Nate's 'fumble', Hunter who was interfered with in the endzone, Britt's non-catch on a deep pass that he tried to body catch which bounced off his shoulder pad, Britt's drop where he landed on his head, and Walker's drop on a perfect pass). While he missed a few throws, he was VERY accurate in this game and it wasn't because he threw a lot of 5 yds passes!

    On 3rd down he was 8/12 (66.7%) for 6 first downs (50% conversion rate) and 101 yds. If you add his 1 rush, he had 7 first downs on 13 opportunities (54% conversion rate) and 108 total yards. When you consider 7 of those opportunites were between 3rd and 7 to 3rd and 22, that an excellent job!!!

    In terms of his accuracy, I had him throwing 29 out of 37 (78%) passes that should have been completed. That is great accuracy for a guy stillworking on improving his accuracy. Locker very easily could have/should have finished the day with over 400yds and 3 or more TD's. He played GREAT!!!

    Exactly what we needed for our home opener!!!

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  10. 5tweezyPOT

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    I think maybe that first throw to Williams was a decoy...notice the db outrunning hunter awaiting an overthrow then bam drop it right under you sucka. loggains a genius......

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