Jake Locker ready to go against Dolphins

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    Titans quarterback Jake Locker went through the week of practice with no issues, and will start on Sunday against the Dolphins.

    It will be Locker’s first action since Sept. 30, when he was knocked out of a game at Houston after dislocating his left (non-throwing) shoulder for the second time this season.

    “He looks good,” coach Mike Munchak said. “He moves around well, his reactions were good. … He handled everything well, and did all the things we wanted to see. There’s no reason to think he won’t be ready to play at a high level on Sunday.”

    The Titans listed Locker as probable on the injury report. They want him to be careful, but they won’t hold him back.

    “How he plays, there is no control over that,” Munchak said. “He is just going to react and go play. He has done a good job sliding and getting down — he has a knack for that. He just needs to avoid … taking the useless hits. And be smart about it – get rid of the ball quicker and those kinds of things. And we have to be smart with the protection.”

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